Capturing Candid Moments From The VP Awards 2021 Jury Meet

An exciting round of the much awaited VisionPlus Awards Jury Session has just culminated. Find out who the nominees are

Getting nominated and winning a VP Award is a reflection of the embracing and validation by the Arabian optical fraternity. And this is why optical brands from across the globe take part in this prestigious event year after year — making VP Awards the most celebrated programme in the MENA region’s optical business.

This year too, entries from eyewear and optical brands poured in to participate in the VP Awards 2021. And it was time to nominate them. The Jury comprised owners and senior managers of five leading retail chains of the region.

Mr. Saleh Al Shawa from Al Jaber Opticals; Mr. Mathews Jacob and Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed from Yateem Opticals; Mr. Abdel Halim Yousef and Mr. Sharif Shaker from Eye Fashion; Mr. Yasser Qassas and Mr.Khaled Mahmoud from Magrabi Opticals; and Mr. Neeraj Dabral and Mr. Shigil Nair from Aster Opticals got together on the 19th of August at Conrad Hotel Dubai for the Jury Meet hosted by VisionPlus, to pick their favourite products in the 17 different categories.


Saleh Al Shawa from Al Jaber Optical
Neeraj Dabral and Shigil Nair from Aster Opticals
Yasser Qassas and Khaled Mahmoud from Magrabi Opticals
Mathews Jacob and Mushtaq Ahmed from Yateem Opticians
Abdel Halim Yousef and Sharif Shaker from Eye Fashion Optics

It is now the optician’s turn to rate their favourite brands and optical products.

The winners will be declared at the VisionPlus Awards nite which is going to be held on 27th October alongside VP EXPO 2021 at Festival Arena Dubai.

The suspense and the thrill has just begun…


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