Chopard SCHF11S Is Nominated In VisionPlus Awards

Chopard SCHF11S Is Nominated In VisionPlus Awards (Arabia) 2021 in the Best New Sunglass Model (Luxury) Category

The nominations of VisionPlus Awards (Arabia) 2021 were announced recently, where the final shortlisted entries were put out for voting by the optical fraternity in MENA region.

Chopard SCHF11S one of the five entries nominated in the Best New Sunglass Model (Luxury) Category.


If you are a Brand lover!

If you look for precious and recognizable styles!

If you are extremely feminine! For who wants to be reassured by the quality & visibility of the product…Personalized crystal with marquise cut, Metal casted detail on the lenses and metal casted rims.

The nominations were selected by the special Jury comprising five of the most prominent optical retailers in the Middle East. Each entry was rated by them on varied critrea that was unique to each category.

Following the nominations, eye care practitioners and opticians in the MENA region get a chance to VOTE online or through printed Ballot Sheets. Voting has commenced on Sep 01, 2021 and will continue until Oct 15, 2021.

VOTE and help your favourite products win!!

The winners will be announced at the VisionPlus EXPO 2021 — an all new international optical exhibition being hosted in Dubai on 26-27-28 Oct 2021 | Festival Arena Exhibition Centre, Dubai. For details, visit  


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