Coburn Technologies Celebrates 70th Anniversary

A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation in the Optical Industry

Coburn Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of ophthalmic lens processing systems and ophthalmic instruments, celebrates the company’s 70th anniversary as a pioneering force in the optical industry. For seven decades, Coburn Technologies has been at the forefront of innovation, driving advancements in eyewear technology and shaping the way the world sees. Since their inception in 1954, Coburn has continuously strived for excellence, pushing the boundaries of optical solutions, and setting new standards in lens processing. As they celebrate this momentous milestone, they reflect on their rich history of commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.  

Coburn Technologies is the combination of two pioneers in the industry – Coburn Manufacturing Company and Gerber Optical. Founded in 1954, Coburn Manufacturing Company introduced itself to the market with the 108 “Rocket” lens generator, quickly transforming the optical lens processing landscape. Gerber Optical, founded in 1987, developed the first automated 3-axis CNC surface generator, the SG8. These products launched the company’s legacy in lens processing, igniting decades of innovation and expansion into a wide array of product lines ranging from surface generating, blocking, polishing, cleaning, and coating machines to in-office lens finishing systems and diagnostic tools. 

Among the accomplishments achieved throughout Coburn’s legacy, the most notable are the invention of the first single-point turning generator, automated spin coating technology, and the first reusable blocking alternative to alloy. Over the years, the company accumulated numerous awards and patents, making an indelible mark on the optical industry. Coburn has continued that legacy with the recent introduction of the industry’s first waterless automated deblocker and alloy recovery system. At Vision Expo West 2023, Coburn Technologies, in collaboration with SDC Technologies, introduced the CrystalChrome Photochromic Spin Coating System, enabling labs to produce photochromic lenses on demand. The company’s willingness to react to the marketplace and its customers’ needs defines its leadership position and sets the stage for great things to come. 

Through various company identities including Coburn Optical Industries, Inc., Gerber Optical, and Gerber Coburn (a division of Gerber Scientific), the company vision has remained the same: serve the optical industry by supplying optical labs with breakthrough technology to maximize productivity and enhance the patient experience with improved eyecare solutions. 

“Looking ahead, we will continue our legacy of innovation and unwavering dedication to service. We have a strong, forward-thinking team dedicated to advancing technologies for optical labs and eyecare practices,” stated Alex Incera, President of Coburn. “Our new ownership by SDC Technologies, who shares the same commitment to technology and customer service, further establishes and strengthens our dedication to the optical industry.”

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