Dr. Fyeno Introduces i-Pal, The AI-Powered Dispensing System

Empowering independent optical retailers with cutting-edge AI technology, Dr. Fyeno, founded by Mr. Manish Soni, launches i-Pal – a contactless dispensing system designed to enhance in-store conversions, streamline operations, and provide precise optical solutions

Dr. Fyeno is a bootstrapped startup dedicated to empowering independent optical retailers, traders, and manufacturing labs. Our mission is to empower eye care together. We offer a variety of solutions that include products, knowledge, technology, and access. Our goal is to democratise digital progress within the optical community, enabling them to compete effectively with online and organised retail through innovation and empowerment. Dr. Fyeno was founded by Mr. Manish Soni, who serves as the CEO. With 24 years of experience in healthcare and medical devices across Southeast Asia and India, Mr. Soni has worked with companies such as Roche, Zeiss, and GKB. He is passionate about digital health and eye care.

The company is headquartered in Mumbai and has a team of 10 members. Dr. Fyeno manages its technology and software requirements through intrinsic MOUs and collaborations.

What is i-Pal? 

To support standalone retailers and labs, we identified key challenges faced by independent retailers in areas such as products, knowledge, technology, marketing, and access. i-Pal is part of our technology solutions.

Building on the success of our OptiPal lens brand, we are thrilled to introduce i-Pal, an AI-powered dispensing system. This cutting-edge technology features contactless PD measurement, lens selection, and enhancements, delivering a unique customer experience and increasing sales.

How i-Pal Works

i-Pal streamlines the dispensing process by enabling quick and easy measurement of PD (pupillary distance), fitting height, pantoscopic tilt, and vertex distance directly in-store using a tablet. This user-friendly tool is designed for every optical shop consultant.

Utilising AI for precise measurements, i-Pal ensures accurate dispensing of progressive lenses and eliminates horizontal parallax error without the need for a clip-on. The contactless process supports multiple languages and operates seamlessly on an 11-inch Android device.

Enhancing In-Store Conversions With i-Pal

i-Pal enhances in-store conversions by facilitating the monitoring of activities on individual devices, aligning with sales KPIs, and tracking measurements per device. It oversees operations across all stores and customises branding and promotions.

i-Pal simplifies operations by enabling easy creation, adjustment, and real-time updating of marketing materials, ensuring timely promotions, and supporting new product launches. It also monitors the effectiveness of promotional materials on each device. Additionally, i-Pal educates consumers about advanced lens options, empowering them to make informed decisions for optimal lens performance.

Staying Ahead With i-Pal

i-Pal keeps you ahead by providing digital dispensing for quicker and more precise service, personalised virtual try-ons (upcoming feature), online ordering, and remote consultations, all tailored to meet evolving customer preferences.

i-Pal Importance

i-Pal is specifically designed to tackle common challenges in the optical industry. It ensures precise pupil centration and aids in staff training. Given the high turnover of staff and the constant introduction of new products, relying on paper-based information is impractical. Therefore, i-Pal is essential for maintaining high dispensing standards and providing superior optical solutions to patients.

i-PAL Features

i-Pal is currently available in Hindi and English, with plans to add 8 more languages soon. We are also developing augmented reality technology for remote frame trials and frame selection, as well as an API to integrate our system with ordering platforms.

Dr. Fyeno’s introduction of i-Pal represents a significant leap forward for the optical industry, particularly for independent retailers and labs. By harnessing advanced AI technology and providing a seamless, contactless experience, i-Pal not only improves operational efficiency but also elevates the customer journey. As Dr. Fyeno continues to expand its language support and develop cutting-edge features, the company stands at the forefront of digital innovation, dedicated to empowering eye care professionals and ensuring they thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

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