Hoya Launches Sustainability Platform ‘One Vision’

Hoya Vision Care, a leader in optical technology innovation, has launched a sustainability program called ‘One Vision’. Embedded in its corporate strategy, it is designed around the company’s ambition to become a more connected, conscious, and impactful organization,  focused on a better tomorrow. The purpose-driven program based on three pillars: Environment,  Community and Workplace has been successfully running internally for more than a year.  

Hoya is committed to improving lives by ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to clear sight. The Community pillar will focus on bridging the vision care gap addressing the estimated 2.2 billion people who have vision impairment or blindness. According to a recent Global Eye Health Report, nearly half of these cases could be prevented or corrected with proper access to vision care. Through local initiatives, HOYA will promote vision care screenings and provide glasses to disadvantaged communities. 

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