Lotus College Of Optometry Hosts Alumni Meet

Lotus College Of Optometry (LCOO) hosted its first alumni meet

Stallion-BanquetsLotus College Of Optometry (LCOO) hosted its first alumni meet earlier this month. The event witnessed the gathering of alumni from all over the region

Delivering Eye Care Worldwide was the theme of the first alumni meet of Lotus College Of Optometry which was organised on February 1, 2016 at Stallion Banquets. The event received an overwhelming response in terms of participation from alumni located in different parts of the region.

All those who had graduated from the course since 2004 participated in the event. The alumni were delighted to meet their past and present staff and faculty at the celebration. The meet emerged as an excellent networking platform allowing the alumni to connect with the present batch.

The interaction facilitated an exchange of knowledge as well as valuable insights. Trustees of Lotus College as well as Lotus Hospital were present for the event.

Mr.-KavinMr. Kavin Motani, Director of Delta lenses Pvt. Ltd. was the keynote speaker for the evening. His speech focused on the design and development of ophthalmic lenses for the evolving visual needs. The session proved to be insightful for all the attendees.

The first half of the event was dedicated to adding the much needed fun quotient to the evening. The current batch organised a series of games and other fun filled activities for the alumni and other guests present at the occasion.

The alumni enjoyed playing games and the remembering their college days. At the end of the games, Ms. Anahita Dastur, Chairperson, LCOO took to the dias. While addressing the students she talked about the evolution that the college had undergone in the last sixteen years.

The later part of her presentation also focused on the progress of the alumni and how they had risen to top positions across various organisations in the region. All in all, the event proved to be extremely successful.

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