Maui Jim And Red Bull Join Forces

Unveiling the essence of Maui Jim and Red Bull's three-year partnership

Against the backdrop of innovation and anticipation, Maui Jim and Red Bull welcome you to explore the essence of their dynamic three-year partnership, as the two renowned brands converge to blend style and performance.

Known for their shared commitment to pushing limits and delivering unparalleled quality, Maui Jim, the premium sunglasses brand distinguished for its PolarizedPlus2 lens technology, and Red Bull are set to embark on a journey that fuses cutting-edge performance with unmatched style.

The partnership aims to blend the precision and clarity of Maui Jim’s high-performance sunglasses with the energy and excitement that Red Bull brings to action sports and entertainment

With a focus on the dynamic worlds of skateboarding and watersports, enthusiasts can anticipate the co-creation of jaw-dropping events that seamlessly blend the realms of sport, adventure, and eyewear innovation. Exhilarating moments and indelible experiences await fans at these joint events, promising to celebrate the spirit of these dynamic cultures in a way that resonates with both seasoned athletes and passionate fans alike.

With this partnership, anticipate an extraordinary mix of style innovation and adventure that will leave an indelible mark on the realms of polarised sunglasses and sports.

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