OptiSwiss Introduces Lenses With Advanced Relax Zone

Thanks to digital devices, we can stay in contact with friends and family, share information or work anytime from anywhere. But this flexibility demands maximum performance from our eyes. With a specific area to relieve comfort, the “Advanced Relax Zone”, Optiswiss Relax lenses have been specifically designed to support wearers in their digital life and reduce visual fatigue.

Relax lenses bring comfort to all wearers, novice and experienced who wish to preserve their visual performance. They are also an ideal alternative for non-presbyopes who do not want to wear progressive lenses.

No more digital eyestrain with this eye lens by OptiSwiss.

What is Advanced Relax Zone?

The Advanced Relax Zone represents the distinctive element of Relax glasses. Characterized by an increase in addition in the lower part of the lens. This relieves the ciliary muscles and supports accommodation and convergence, resulting in comfortable, relaxed vision at all distances.

  • Benefits of Relax Lenses to the wearer
  • Enjoy the multimedia world
  • Sensational depth of vision field
  • Four Relax-Factors to choose from according to visual needs of the customer
  • Short adaptation period
  • Reduced Visual Fatigue
  • Extremely aesthetically beautiful lenses thanks to the FMAT-Technology

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