SFX Eyewear At Madame Style Week Mumbai

A stylist uses coloured cat eye frames from SFX Eyewear for showcasing her work

SFX Eyewear Cat Eye
A model wearing a cat eye frame from SFX Eyewear

Vibes Multientertainment hosted the Madame Style Week in Mumbai on 22nd November at Sofitel Hotel in Bandra. The event was a platform for stylists to showcase their work.

The show included the elaboration of a particular style through the construction of a total look and captured it in order to trademark the unique style of a particular stylist.

One of the Out Of The Box Stylists showcasing at the event was Komal Choithramani. Inspired by her internship at MTV, Komal is a BMM Graduate with excellent marketing, styling and a creative sense. She aspires to be a top notch men’s fashion stylist.

For her chosen theme ‘Prizmatic’, she used optical frames from SFX Eyewear. The coloured frames were all cat eye shapes.

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