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VP Academy with the support of ESSILOR held its seventh edition at Radisson Blu, Lucknow

The session was well attended with opticians coming in from Lucknow and some of them even from Agra, Bareilly, Fatehpur, Kanpur, Pratapgarh and Prayagraj. It was definitely heartening to see the enthusiasm and the efforts of opticians wanting to have quality education and training.
VP Academy thanked the two representatives of ESSILOR – Nazim Khan and Pratheek Tandon for their efforts in reaching out to the opticians regarding the benefits of the training session and ensuring their registration.
VP Academy Lucknow
Prateek Tandon and Nazim Khan
The first training session began with Anantha Lakshmi of ESSILOR providing knowledge on Ophthalmic Lens and emphasising the mantra – Learn to Earn, as she spoke in detail about the advantages of using progressives lenses especially to the 40+. Understanding the customer and providing solutions would create an emphatic sale rather than trying to focus on selling – she stressed.
The use of eye-code from ESSILOR would help facilitate that and allow to understand the reading pattern as well as the neck and eye behaviour while reading and this data could be used to create the perfect lens to suit each customers requirement.
VP Academy Lucknow
Anantha Lakshmi
Monica Chowdhry, in the next session on Contact Lenses, guided the audience on the proper use of Contact Lens. She covered topics related to the dominant eye identification and the need to have a minimum of a four day trial period to enhance the user experience and thereby the comfort, amongst others.
She even had a progressive lens fitted on a member of the audience to assess the feedback about the comfort level at the end of the day.
VP Academy Lucknow
Monica Chowdhry
The lunch at Raddison Blu was sumptuous and had the flavour of Lucknow, known for its kababs and nawabs. This was followed by Ragni Mishra’s session on Spectacle Frames and Sunglasses. She gave a detailed presentation on the various types and shapes of frames and what type fits what face shapes. She also emphasised the use of polarised sunglasses and gave examples of its necessity and how to assess the quality of a good polarised sunglass lens.
VP Academy Lucknow
Ragni Mishra

The event concluded with certificate presentations and the photography ceremony.

Our next stop is Hyderabad. Get online or message us to register.

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