ZEISS in India revolutionises vision care with the launch of VISUCORE 500

The ZEISS VISUCORE 500 redefines the traditional refraction process by seamlessly integrating precise objective and subjective refraction into a single cycle. This means that a patient is no longer required to shift from one chair to the other for levels of the eye screening process. VISUCORE 500 is designed to save space, enhance efficiency, and streamline the patient experience without compromising on accuracy.

The newest device offers eyecare professionals and stores seamless integration of ZEISS technology, with a compact design maximising space efficiency and streamlined refraction processes.

The technology-guided and expert modes ensure consistent and accurate results, making it user-friendly for any staff member. Moreover, the efficiency of the VISUCORE 500 translates into increased capacity and time savings, allowing practitioners to allocate more time to sales and customer consultations, ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience.

Further, the ZEISS VISUCORE 500 also ensures a positive and efficient refraction experience for customers, completing the entire process in less than 4:30 minutes, significantly reducing chair time by 46% as compared to traditional eye-testing setups and processes. This quick and precise evaluation not only saves time but also supports peace of mind, as customers feel confident that their eye health and vision are being well taken care of.

The introduction of ZEISS VISUCORE 500 in the Indian market underscores the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that empowers eye-care practitioners in India.


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