Aug 2019 | Hyderabad

VP Academy: Aug 2019, Hyderabad

Dealing With Digital Eye Strain

Date: Aug 04, 2019
Venue: Hyderabad

On completion of the course, the practitioner will have a better understanding various practice management strategies for digital eye strain. It will also help the practitioners to develop competencies to give customers a good retail experience and in turn develop customer loyalty.

It will offer the practitioner a better insight, based on an individual’s prescription and functional need to recommend the right kind of ophthalmic lens design, spectacle frame and contact lens options.


Learn functional indication of progressive lens design, material options and coatings

Know how to offer multifocal and monovision contact lens options for digital eye strain

Understand different frame designs and material most suitable for every individual customer


Spectacle Frames and Sunglasses

Course Objective : To get practitioner to understand how to give the right recommendations and to learn the science and maths behind face shapes and eyewear. Giving attentions to details with a win-win situation for the employees, their customers and the brands.

Ophthalmic Lenses

Course Objective  To get practitioner to understand indications, features and benefits of newer generation lenses, lens enhancements like coatings, blue light blocks, etc. Lens designs for single vision lenses and PALs and how to promote their features and benefits to add value to practice. Practitioners will also have a better understanding of whom to position a product, and how to pitch for the same. 

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Contact Lenses

Course Objective  To get practitioner to understand indications for contact lenses, features and benefits of using contact lenses over spectacles for various lifestyles, in terms of quality and field of vision for myopes especially, due to long working hours on computers as well as active lifestyle such as sports hobbies, etc. Availability of range of contact lens design, materials and modalities and how they are growing contact lens numbers can add value to practice.


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Siraj Bolar

Siraj Bolar

As the Editor In Chief of VisionPlus Magazine and You&Eye Pictorial, Mr. Siraj Bolar has been instrumental in updating the optical industry with news and articles on best practices of the optical industry in over 20 countries. His venture into VP Academy is an extension of his ongoing initiative to ‘Inspire Excellence’ in the optical fraternity.

Prema Chande

Prema Chande

Ms. Prema Chande is one of the leading educationists in India today, heading Lotus College of optometry, Lotus Eye Hospital, Juhu, Mumbai for nearly two decades now. Besides a Master’s degree in optometry, she has fellowships in contact lenses from the International Association of Contact Lens Educators and British Contact Lens Association.

Alim Bolar

Alim Bolar

Besides being the Editorial Director of VisionPlus Magazine,
Mr. Alim Bolar has been directly involved in breaking technological barriers in the optical industry with his initiative The portal seeks to create the next level of automation for the distribution of eyewear globally, bringing with it multifold advantages including transparency and real time availability of global brands to local opticians