VP India Mar-Apr 2023


With ChatGPT, the buzzword these days is Articial Intelligence and how it’s going to affect us. Other than that what’s exciting me these days is our very own event VisionPlus EXPO to be held in October in Dubai. The whole team is buzzing with energy and we are looking forward to making this third edition more special than ever before.

In this issue, we have an interesting interview with one of the most respected opticians in India today, Anup Kumar of R Kumar Opticians. In Trends, we discuss the styles being set by the Gen-Z clan and what kind of eyewear are they opting for. The Brand Profile section covers Zegna, a brand whose legacy and standing is inspiring. Retail Tales covers a simple approach on how to boost your business while Insight covers on the most popular topic today – Artificial Intelligence – and how it’s affecting the field of optometry.

Keep yourself updated with Blogspot, Off The Shelf, Galleria and Celebwatch. And expect some new and interesting stuff about VisionPlus EXPO on our digital channels. Read on. Enjoy!

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