VP India Sep-Oct 2023


The VisionPlus EXPO 2023 made a triumphant return with its highly anticipated third edition, reaffirming its status as a guiding light in the optical trade. The VP Awards 2023 and the ‘YOU&EYE’ Global Opticians Awards 2023 were a part of this spectacular event.

But that’s just the beginning of what we have in store for you in this issue. In Brand Profile, we take a look at the innovative and stylish world of J.F. Rey- a brand that has consistently stood out for its innovation, creativity, and commitment.

Trends updates you on the sunglasses that stole the limelight at the 40th VMAs. Vision And Beyond updates you on OrCam MyEye, a device that helps visually impaired individuals gain a new way to experience the world, thanks to advanced AI technology.

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Dive in and enjoy!

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