VP SE Asia Apr-Jun 2020


The tough times are not over yet and even the end to this phase is almost impossible to predict. Digital was always powerful but with the situation today, it seems it will become the main mode of functioning.

In our section ‘Vision And Beyond’ we have an insightful feature on Digital And Teleoptometry, which throws light on a few points on teleoptometry. Other articles include Lens Talk featuring ARC, Eyeducation that delves on diagnosing children, Eye Matters that discussed face and frame shapes.

Trends focuses on cateye shaped eyewear while Brand Profile features Victoria’s Secret. It’s a interesting issue and of course, it has the Off The Shelf and Blogspot features to keep you updated with the latest.

I look forward to a time when meeting people, shaking hands and hugging them becomes normal. Am I looking forward to the new normal? Hard to say but I guess it’s something that we all have to prepare ourselves for.

For now, read on. Enjoy.

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