VP SE Asia Jan-Mar 2021


2021 brings with it much needed hopes and aspirations. As if on cue, the Pantone colours of the year were Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. The ‘Trends’ article focuses on the reaction of the industry to this announcement.

In ‘Designer Profile’ we have Vera Wang and her latest collection. I am very excited and proud to announce the idea of VisionPlus EXPO Dubai. It’s an ambitious venture and something whose time has come. We have Jasbir and Zahra in an interview telling you more about this.   

Another exciting event VP Expo is discussed in the Spotlight section. It’s an ambitious project and I would like to invite the whole industry to support us in this idea. In Vision&Beyond, Pratik Bhatt, shares his reasons for launching a lens brand. And then we have an introduction to Myopia in Eyeducation.

Enjoy the current issue and stay connected on our social media. Here’s wishing all our readers a very happy 2021!

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