VP Academy | May 2018 | Mumbai

VP Academy : May 2018, Mumbai

Vision Care for the High Value Customer

Date: May 19. 2018 | Venue : Courtyard by Marriot – Mumbai

On completion of the course, practitioner will be better equipped to understand and meet the needs and expectations of an important segment in vision care today ie the High Networth Individual (HNI).

It will offer the practitioner a better understanding of how to take frame and facial measurements while dispensing luxury eyewear;  factors that impact various aspects and needs of an HNI customer before recommending the lenses to address social as well as professional needs and; recommending the most suitable ophthalmic lens to this valued customer.

VP Academy

Learn about various designer eyewear options, how to promote and dispense branded and designer eyewear to suit the various needs of HNI clients

Know how to choose the right combination of lens design, material and enhancement for the given prescription and frame type

Select  the right silicone hydrogel contact lens design and modality for a given prescription

Course Topics

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Spectacle Frames and Sunglasses

Course Objective : To get the practitioner to understand designer wear frame materials and styles and inspiration board used behind designer. To get practitioner to understand the aspects of frame and facial measurements and dispensing techniques of designer frames. To get practitioner to understand the choice of frame design and material based on the given spectacle prescription.


Mr Kaleem Khan

With over 16 years of experience in the world of Luxury, Kaleem is an all rounder. He has a career long experience across the globe in the field of Aviation, Retail and Hospitality.
Being associated with leading brand names like the Taj Group of Hotels, Qatar Airways, Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Luxottica and more.
While his skill-set is enough to train a professional, he is also someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit. He is the founder of India’s First Luxury Consulting/Training and Recruiting firm called Global Luxury Culture.
Kaleem has trained over 400 employees and has a cross country experience in his curriculum as he is an MBA from one of the top b-schools in the UK. His expertise in understanding consumer analogy for luxury products will shape your mind exactly how it needs to be.

Ophthalmic Lenses

Course Objective  : To get practitioner to understand the various features and benefits of various high end ophthalmic lenses in terms of designs, materials and lens enhancements. To understand the dispensing techniques in terms of measurements as well as choose the right lens option for the given prescription.

with support from


Ms Anantha Laksmi

Having trained more than 1000 eye care practitioner and staff through various forums and workshops, Ms Anantha Laksmi is the AGM of Education and Professional Services at Essilor India.
She has contributed her invaluable knowledge to many articles on subjects of optometry and ophthalmology in various magazines. Also, she has a hand-full of experience in the professional world as well as in the hospitals.
She has been awarded as the Best Professional Services Award from AMERA, two times and has a rich experience in the stream of ophthalmic lenses, and the spectacle industry. A certified post-graduate and diploma holder in HRM, Ms Anantha Laksmi is a gem to learn from!
VP Academy Contact Lens

Contact Lenses

Course Objective  : To get practitioner to understand the features and benefits of various silicone hydrogel lenses, and key factors that impact the need for Silicone Hydrogel daily disposable lenses for HNI clients. The course would also dwell into the benefits of the material, various  design options available to suit needs of different prescriptions like multifocals and toric lenses, followed by dispensing techniques in terms of preliminary evaluation and  how to choose the right lens option for the given prescription.


Mr Nilesh Thite

From achieving prestigious fellowships of the American Academy of Optometry and British Contact Lens Association, Nilesh Thite is one of the most decorated ones when it comes to lens education.
He is currently working as the Director of Educational Programs at the International Association of Contact Lens Educators. Also, Nilesh is the director and co-founder of an educational initiative- Masterclass Optometry.
With a vast teaching experience of over 12 years, Nilesh is vastly interested and involved in the optometry education and the scope of optometry practice in India and overseas. His knowledge on subjects like Dispensing Optics, Contact Lenses and Refraction can be really cherishable for the future of Indian Optical industry.

Siraj Bolar

As the editor-in-chief of VisionPlus Magazine and You&Eye Pictorial, Mr.Siraj Bolar has been instrumental in updating the optical industry with news and articles on best practices of the optical industry in over 20 countries. His venture into VP Academy is an extension of his ongoing initiative to ‘inspire excellence’ in the optical fraternity.

Prema Chande

Prema Chande

Ms.Prema Chande is one of the leading educationists in India today, heading Lotus College of optometry, Lotus Eye Hospital, In Juhu, Mumbai for nearly two decades now. Besides a Master’s degree in optometry, she has Fellowships in contact lenses from the International association of contact lens educators and British Contact Lens Association.

Alim Bolar

Alim Bolar

Besides being the Editorial Director of VisionPlus magazine, Mr.Alim Bolar has been directly involved in breaking technological barriers in the optical industry with his initiative YouAndEyeOnline.com. The portal seeks to create the next level of automation for the distribution of eyewear globally, bringing with it multifold advantages including transparency and real time availability of global brands to local opticians