VP Academy | Sponsorship

Sponsorship Opportunities

Inviting industry leaders to come together in promoting education for opticians and optometrists

Get higher focus on education with course structures designed to amplify the focus on a specific sector.

Enjoy ease of conducting seminars with inviting and participation of opticians
and facilities management undertaken by VisionPlus Academy team.

Enhanced positioning as a company that supports training and education.

Co-branding with VP Academy at various levels of the program promotions.

Grab visibility in VisionPlus print editions in form of editorial and ads.

Guaranteed mention on VP blogs and social media.

Key Deliverables

Presence on Online video Archives

Get your branding on high quality video archives of individual programs.¬† Subscribing ECP’s across the country would have access to these video all year long.

Branding with VisionPlus editorial coverage

Visual branding with banners placed alongside post-program coverage in VisionPlus magazine

Branding on promotional newsletters

Connect with the entire VisionPlus reader base with prominent banners on our e-newsletters.

On location branding

Connect with the ECP’s with brand visibility at the networking areas.

Co-branding on VP Academy Certificates

Attendees would be presented a VP Academy certificate on completion of the entire course, which would also prominently highlight the contribution of the partner brands.

Individual Sponsors’ certification by key sponsors

In addition to the Certificate of Course Completion by VP Academy, each attendee with walk our proudly with individual certificates from the Sponsor speakers.

Sponsorship Fees

Be a Supporting Sponsor for as little as Rs.2,50,000/-* per programme

*plus actuals for your appointed speaker at the venue

MISSION : To bring together major companies that are invested into educative seminars for opticians, and together provide a platform to reach out to motivated opticians by holding joint seminars that reduce the trainees efforts of attending multiple events to gain knowledge

To know more on how to associate with VP Academy, or for further details on sponsorship, please email us at vpacademy@fourplusmedia.com