Latest ‘Ayla’ Style From Chloé

Chloé Introduces The New Vintage-Inspired ‘Ayla’ Style

Chloé’s SS 2019 Advertising Campaign Features Rosie Sunglasses

Chloé launches the new spring/summer 2019 advertising campaign featuring two iconic “rosie”…

Chrissy Teigen Spotted In Chloé Sunglasses

American model and author, Chrissy Teigen, was seen wearing Chloé sunglasses while…

Chloé Introduces The New ‘Carlina Chain’ Sunglasses

Chloé’s most iconic eyewear design is reinterpreted with a jewelry-inspired chain detail…

Cloud Shaped ‘Rosie’ Sunglasses From Chloe

Chloe launches the new cloud shaped sunglass range that depicts the iconic…

Chloé’s Feminine Appeal

Seen through the lens of the new “rosie” style

Feeling The 70's Vintage Fashion With Chloé!

Vintage inspiration and modern design come together in an alluring, sophisticated collection…

Chloé Wins At Vision-X VP Awards 2016

Chloé wins award for the Best New Sunglasses Model in the designer segment

The Big Circle Is Back

Celebrating its role as a trendsetter, the contemporary shaped round frames never…

Chloé's Carlina Sunglasses In An 18K Gold Limited Edition

Chloé introduces the iconic Carlina sunglasses in an 18K gold limited edition

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