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R Kumar Distributes Nearly 20,000 Eyewear In Ahmedabad

After distributing nearly 10,000 sunglasses at the Bryan Adams’ concert in Ahmedabad last year, R Kumar Opticians decided to double the number this time

The Badshah concert held recently in Ahmedabad, saw thousands of fans cheering for and rocking with the singer while sporting the ‘BADSHAH’ sunglasses. Just like the last Bryan Adams’ concert, the distribution campaign of these sunglasses was again organised by
R Kumar Opticians. The company may have met the mark of distributing 20,000 sunglasses.

R Kumar Opticians collaborated with the organisers and repeated the concept, as sunglasses are such an intrinsic part of the rapper’s persona, but made it even bigger this time.

The target this time was 20,000 sunglasses which would be half of the ticket capacity for the show. The number was successfully achieved with meticulous planning. The distribution was done at the venue. The R Kumar team did a great job at ensuring that all the sunglasses were delivered to the audience entering the arena.

As Badshah and Astha Gill belted out their hit numbers, the crowd flaunted their Badshah sunglasses filling up the arena. Both artists also promoted the sunglasses on their social handles prior to the show.


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