Bottega Veneta SS 2013 seasonal eyewear collection

This season, Bottega Veneta adds several new sunglasses and optical frames to its sophisticated eyewear collection. 

New styles highlight the brand’s unique aesthetic and enduring motifs, featuring subtle signatures including the intrecciato pattern and the butterfly detail, and complemented by photoengraved studs and a closing block hinge. Made from the finest quality materials, these new styles feature the superb craftsmanship functionality, and versatility that defines the Bottega Veneta brand.

Timeless elegance

BOTTEGA-VENETA-bv227s_3h1ccMod. B.V. 227/S

These refined women’s sunglasses reflect Bottega Veneta’s discreet elegance through their unique details. The sleek aviator shape is adorned with leather covering the frames front and temples, a newly designed smaller block hinge, and three photoengraved studs. A quiet and sophisticated color palette includes combinations of black/silver and brown/brass, paired with grey or shaded brown lenses.

BOTTEGA-VENETA-bv229s_4pyr4Mod. B.V. 229/S

Featuring a delicate square shape and thick temples, these elegant women’s acetate sunglasses are embellished with the block hinge as well as three studs on the temple tips. Including lively hues of peacock green, brown, crimson/brown and dark grey, the color palette emphasizes the frame’s transparencies and highlights the temple’s core.

Vintage transparencies

BOTTEGA-VENETA-bv225s_3y5l8Mod. B.V. 225/S

With a rounded silhouette, these unisex acetate sunglasses are both alluring and engaging. Bottega Veneta’s faintly visible signature adorns the glass lenses, lending a truly unique and exquisite style. Subtle nuances of dark Havana, opal honey, khaki Havana, and transparent dark grey, delicately reveal the brand’s iconic Intrecciato motif on the inside of the temples.

BOTTEGA-VENETA-bv230s_4pyhaMod. B.V. 230/S

Subtely seductive, the timeless design of these women’s acetate sunglasses are softly rounded in shape. Distinctive details include a half block-hinge, inspired by the iconic hardware on Bottega Veneta’s handcrafted travel trunks. Natural transparent shades of grey/beige, dark grey, brown and transparent rust, emphasize the classic frame now available in a new ultra-lightweight version.

BOTTEGA-VENETA-bv231s_4pyhaMod. B.V. 231/S

Contemporary and elegant, these women’s acetate sunglasses combine Bottega Veneta’s signature style and innovative design. The square silhouette is accented by details including the new half block hinge, and the delicately revealed intrecciato motif on the temples. Available in subtle, transparent shades of brown, cyclamen, green and dark grey, with brown and shaded grey lenses.


Mod. B.V. 232 and Mod. B.V. 238

These women’s and unisex acetate optical frames are characterized by softly rounded lines, adorned with refined details like the Bottega Veneta’s intrecciatomotif pattern on the temples, and a new ultra-lightweight half block-hinge closure. The color palette includes soft transparent nuances of grey/beige, dark grey, brown and rust, as well as Havana and blue.


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