Chopard's 2014 Sunglasses Collection – The Extravaganza

Rich and glamorous as always, Chopard once again offers a unique and chic style with the Extravaganza sunglasses


Chopard SCH 995S
Chopard SCH 995S

The wide metal front of the Extravaganza sunglasses have a butterfly shape with a vintage echo. The patterns on the front piece reflect the rays of the sun and the contrasting combination of matte and shiny metal is decorated with crystals, akin to small stars. The acetate temples are embellished with the Chopard logo.

Extravaganza sunglasses recall the divas of the 50s and 60s, when protecting starlet eyes from flash photography created a hint of mystery. Chopard eye-wear is aimed at the glamorous woman who walks with elegance on the red carpet with elan.

Available in rose gold, palladium, bronze and copper gold, the lenses have a gradient tint in varying shades.

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