Extensive Archive Inspires C.W. Dixey & Son Designs

Inspiration from the extensive C.W. Dixey & Son design and document archive, coupled with the finest hand finished detailing, are part of the mystique inspiring collectors of the classic eyewear.

3-New-Bond-Street-1777-to-1929With one customer owning no less than seven models, C.W. Dixey & Son’s eyewear provenance is attracting modern day collectors who are inspired by this, the world’s longest established eyewear name still in independent manufacture since the London company was founded at 3 New Bond Street in 1777.

Careful measurements, and the finest material selection inspired by the original Churchill frames, is completed by hand-finishing and meticulous quality control of each model. The signature double dot temple tips, applied by hand in the UK workshop, is a feature first requested by Winston Churchill.

Managing Director of C.W.Dixey, Simon Palmer, has an extensive archive to draw upon including design documents and letters detailing the unrivalled customer list, with this forming an integral part of the 21st century design ethos.

“We are re-creating timeless elegance for people who are very much aware of fashion trends but are happy to create their own distinctive look with classically designed pieces. A first impression cannot be made more boldly than with eyewear, and that is why we are seeing a resurgence of interest in this illustrious name. The hand crafted double-dot ensures each frame is as unique as its owner. The double-dot is the final stage in the design and manufacturing process, and serves as a symbol of C.W. Dixey & Son’s quality assurance and tradition of excellence,” said Simon.

CW-Dixey-colour-matchingC.W. Dixey & Son Eyewear, first established in New Bond Street, has hand crafted fine eyewear for more emperors, royalty and leaders than any other. The new collection pays homage to loyal customer Sir Winston Churchill.

The Chartwell collection of elegantly crafted light and dark tortoiseshell, plus glossy black, draws inspiration from the iconic styles worn by the British Prime Minister for more than five decades. The premium eyewear is presented with British-made soft leather cases which are embossed with the distinctive C.W. Dixey & Son coat-of-arms.

This independently-owned British company is proud of its customer heritage – the holder of fifteen Royal Warrants at times during its illustrious history. Customers have included seven Kings and Queens of England; the Royal families of Abyssinia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, Norway, Portugal and Sweden, Emperor Qianlong of China….and Napoleon Bonaparte.

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