Givenchy 2014 Sunglasses Collection

Riccardo Tisci – Creative Director for Givenchy explores new lines made from unique juxtapositions and unexpected combinations for the new collection

SGV881_9X7The collection is named after prime numbers: Givenchy Five, Givenchy Seven, Givenchy Eleven and Givenchy Seventeen. Mysterious yet powerful, they reflect the aesthetics of the Givenchy world.

Geometry focuses on experimentation with forms and volumes, where varying thicknesses are carefully calibrated and classic shapes are revisited to create modern-day timeless versions. Each piece is marked by a versatile, multifaceted contour and profiled by definite yet soft lines.


Contrasting materials create intriguing pairs, playing with acetate and metal, where each style reveals its individual essence with a strong and genuine personality.

The colour palette ranges from black to nude, including shades of grey and brown. From curved metal to pyramidal hinges, new and refined details are introduced to further distinguish the new structures. A small metal teardrop detail is inserted in the temple tips of all of the sunglass models.


Givenchy Five
Traditional shapes are revisited with smoothed profiles, to create an unusual multifaceted effect, also available with two-toned temples and front piece. A new version of the logo features on the hinge that combines aesthetics and functionality.

Givenchy Seven
Givenchy’s attention to volume is particularly noticeable in the SGV 881 model with an exclusive play of angular edges on the top bar. The smoothed, metal hinge echoes a buckle in its simplicity, enriched with a small screw.


Givenchy Eleven
Geometric lines and openwork on the front piece make for a unique interpretation of the classic aviator model. This new frame reflects three-dimensionality with the lateral pyramidal hinges.

Givenchy Seventeen
A metal band runs along the entire top bar, providing a contemporary feel. The cylindrical hinge, visible as a metal trim from the inside, terminates with a small stud on the end pieces, enhancing the combination of aesthetics and functionality

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