Marc By Marc Jacobs Brings Eyewear For The Holidays

Marc by Marc Jacobs comes up with the latest holiday eyewear featuring monochromatic sunglasses to look chic and refined this holiday season

Sophisticated in appearance, yet with a touch of edgy outlook, Marc by Marc Jacobs recent offering is an eyewear made with the holiday MMJ-479S-010spirits kept in mind. Bringing the monochromatic sunglasses, the brand safeguards the likes of the fashionistas who love to stand out in the crowd!

This pair of sunglasses has a cutting edge design with the hexagonal shaped steel frame to up the chic factor. The frame is further enhanced by cut-out details at the upper outer corners, adding a touch of complexity to an otherwise minimal and modern design. Subtle in design yet outspoken in attitude, MMJ-479S-J5Gthe Marc by Marc Jacobs holiday eyewear is a perfect accessory to accentuate one’s personal style with these modernised monochromatic sunglasses.

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