Polaroid Plus Collection

The innovative Polaroid Plus sunglasses collection represents the perfect partnership between cutting-edge polarization technology and a “New Basic” design.

PolaroidPlusCollectionapril2013eng-1The collection focuses on essential shapes and minimalist color schemes whilst providing maximum comfort, utmost eye protection and perfect vision. The Polaroid Plus collection is designed for contemporary people who are looking for optimal eye protection as well as a refined and unique style.

Polaroid UltraSightTM Plus polarized lenses 

Polaroid introduces the new and innovative UltraSightTM Plus lenses, the evolution of the polarized lenses.

The new lenses are produced using the revolutionary ThermofusionTM Plus technology, integrating the exclusive ThermofusionTM process – which is used to produce the Polaroid polarizing filter – with a skillful manufacturing technique that is 100% glue-free and designed to inject the polarizer into a polyamide lens.

The UltraSightTM Plus lenses offer all the universally recognized benefits of the Polaroid polarized lenses, such as 100% protection from UV rays, reduction of eye fatigue and elimination of glare. In addition, this new lens provides a clearer vision thanks to the absence of glue, is safer as it is made from shock-resistant polyamide material, and has a longer durability.

The new ‘P-Label’ graphic mark 

Polaroid goes back to the essentials with a new and eye-catching graphic letter “P”: this metal detail is integrated into the new, exclusive block hinge. “P” stands for Polaroid, Plus and Polarization: a simple letter that summarizes the brand’s historical and technological heritage.


The Polaroid Plus Collection also features a revolutionary way to provide customers with technical information: all the details are written inside the left temple in a consumer-friendly, original yet minimalist format. This new tool aims to communicate with the wearer in a direct and informal way: the information provided includes the name of the collection as well as the name and size of the model. Inside the right temple, instead, customers can find all the technical specifications in the official format.

The collection in detail 

PolaroidPlusCollectionapril2013eng-2PLP 0103 

The slim temples give a lightweight feel to these sunglasses and highlight the metal block hinge bearing the innovative “P” graphic marking that is the Polaroid Plus Collection’s new must-have detail. A contemporary silhouette and a classic color palette in hues of Havana with green lenses, black with brown lenses and dark olive and blue with grey lenses, for an understated, sophisticated look.

PolaroidPlusCollectionapril2013eng-5PLP 0104 

Back to design school: these new men’s sunglasses flaunt clean, simple lines and a minimalist, classic shape, guaranteeing maximum comfort and a trendy, contemporary look. A classic, contemporary color palette: grey with grey lenses, black with green lenses, brick red and Havana with brown lenses.

PolaroidPlusCollectionapril2013eng-4PLP 0107 

A minimalist, essential flair: these glasses are designed for contemporary women seeking perfection in details and maximum eye protection without sacrificing elegance and a timeless style. Sophisticated pastel nuances ranging from light pink with brown lenses to grey with green lenses, as well as olive and black with grey lenses.

PolaroidPlusCollectionapril2013eng-3PLP 0108 

A large silhouette and slim profiles give an aura of discreet elegance to these women’s acetate sunglasses. The model features an alluring interplay between transparencies and graduated shading, capturing the glamorous urban spirit. They come in nuances of light pink and blue with brown lenses, dark olive with grey lenses and black with green lenses.


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