Tom Ford's Sun Spring/Summer 2016 Eyewear Collection

The new eyewear fuses vintage and contemporary influences into a collection that is imbued with a free-spirited vibe

ft0431_41wWomen’s sunglasses for Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2016 eyewear collection include the Edie (TF428), a feminine frame with a bold, oval shape. The Monica (TF429) features sinuous, curving lines, perfectly embodying the contemporary-retro mix. In the Greta (TF431), an irregular silhouette and thicker frame come together to create a fascinating shape.

ft0433_48jThe oversized, square-shaped Harley (TF433) is a daring interpretation of the classic mask design, its lines exaggerated to maximum scale. The Lindsay (TF434) is a slightly softer way to wear a square silhouette. These two frames give a new twist to the Tom Ford metal “T” logo; they extend it further out along the temples, giving extra definition to the upper edges.

ft0438_05pA new tubular-metal temple, tipped with acetate, is introduced for the Tracy (TF436), a feminine, square frame with an avant-garde edge. Its colorways include alluring pale grey and violet. The ultra-feminine Angela (TF438) combines metal rims with a shiny acetate top bar that is especially striking in ivory. The large, square frame of the Brenda (TF455) boasts a skinny metal top bar that creates a truly original, double-bridge effect.

ft0471_41nMen’s sunglasses include the eye-catching Trevor (TF472), a vintage-inspired aviator that features a subtle “floating” acetate frame and a small double bridge. In the Sven (TF471), masculine style is pushed to the limit. This oversized mask design offers head-turning color options such as gold-mirror lenses in an olive-green frame. The Stacy (TF 452) is a sophisticated take on the aviator style; devoid of the usual bridge at the nose, it features just a thin top bar as a bridge and thin metal temples.

ft0470_01nThe sporty and square Conrad frame (TF470) features an unusual, geometric-edged mask front, while the 70’sinspired Robert (TF442) is defined by its innovative, contoured bridge. An exercise in minimalism, the metalframed Cliff (TF450) subtly reinvents the aviator with architectural precision.

ft0473_01vTwo sunglass frames have unisex appeal: the rounded metal Jessie (TF449) has an extremely linear front and innovative, aerodynamic look, and the Aaron (TF473) is an acetate version of the iconic aviator, with lenses connected by a subtle front bridge.

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