The Global Future of Vision, Fashion, And Technology Is Now Clear

There was a palpable sense of urgency, a desire to see more, learn much, connect wider, clinch deals and network farther on the culminating day! A lot of bonhomie was evident, and exhibitors and participants had much more clarity on new products, fashion trends, popular trends, innovative technologies and collections, and insights into international marketing lessons and techniques.

VisonPlus Academy’s sessions were eye-openers – Binocular Vision Essentials Workshop by Ms. Fahima Karolia, Orthokeratology Clinical Pearls by Ms.Irene Sophia Joseph, Future of Low Vision Practice by Ms. Devakani Suresh Kumar, and post-lunch, a workshop on Integrating Low Vision into Your Practice by Ms. Devakani Suresh Kumar. The closing remarks session made a succinct round-up of the learnings and insights gained during the sessions and workshops.

Meanwhile, the pavilions and booths were buzzing with conversations, networking, laughter, and a sense of fulfillment all around, as the VisionPlus EXPO 2023, Dubai came to a resounding crescendo of activity and excitement! 

A lot of progress had been made and the road ahead for the industry was seen with a much clearer vision by all!

Till the next year’s EXPO then!

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