Al Jaber Opticians Triumphs In You&Eye ‘Vote and Win’ Campaign

Angelie Reyes has won an eyewear from Idee Eyewear by rating Al Jaber Opticians, Qatar!

Angelie Reyes from Qatar has emerged as the lucky winner of a stunning pair of sunglasses from Idee Eyewear.  Her triumph came as a result of her glowing review of Al Jaber Opticians, Qatar.

Angelie Reyes can now bask in the glory of her chic eyewear from Idee Eyewear, adding a touch of style to her everyday life. But what’s even more fascinating is that this fabulous win was as easy as it was rewarding.

Angelie’s path to her sunglasses began with a simple act – she rated her favorite optician store, Al Jaber Optician, Qatar, on Little did she know that her gesture would lead to such an exciting and fashionable outcome.

To Angelie Reyes, we extend our heartfelt congratulations! We understand the immense satisfaction that comes from having your customers rally behind you. Keep up the excellent work in promoting the brands and businesses you cherish.

These votes are more than just appreciation; they hold a special significance. They contribute to the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ GLOBAL OPTICIAN AWARDS 2023, an event set to take place in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Indeed, the ‘Vote and Win’ campaign stands as a shining example of a true win-win opportunity. By rating your favorite opticians, you not only show your support but also pave the way for their recognition on a global stage.

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