1 Million Reasons For Opticians To Participate

1 Million Reasons For Opticians To Participate

When times are hard, what do you do? You work harder, engaging not just your bodies but your minds too. Use your imagination. Seek out possibilities. Be the winner that you were always meant to be

Let’s be honest. The year 2020 sucked, not just for the optical business but for all industries with the exception of medical and automobiles, it would seem. However, industry sources suggest that many opticians used this downtime to their benefit.

The bigger multi-store retailers used this period to restructure their processes and store count and renegotiated their overhead costs. Giants like Titan withdrew sunglasses sales from the shelves of multi-brand outlets like Lifestyle, bringing the focus back on sales through their own optical retail chains. Smaller stores too had their stores open at the peak of the pandemic, with complete sanitisation and social-distancing practices, to meet the needs of the customers. New online retailers sprung up, advertising heavily on social media to connect with the customers digitally. The list goes on.

The take-away though is that the optical industry may be down, but it is far from being out.

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And there is a lot of fight left in it. The optical industry, being a paramedical service sector, promises to not just survive, but it will thrive in the times to come. There is no doubt about that.

The key remains to be in constant touch with the consumer. Constant communication to the customers reminding them of the high quality and safe shopping experience that the optical industry has to offer is the need of the hour.

ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS has been instrumental in highlighting the eyewear retail sector at the consumer level since its inception. Its promotions, connecting eyewear retailers with their customers, have consistently had over a million impressions on social media every year.

And is that not what every optician needs today? To tell the consumer that besides clothing and electronics, buying eyewear too can give them a safe shopping experience.

The variety of brands that the optician stocks, the quality of his store display and the customer service provided by them is unparalleled in many ways. Highlighting these by participating in the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS helps every optician to reconnect with their customers. It helps to remind them that an optician can provide more than just fulfilment of a need.

The ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS 20/21 promises a far bigger reach than its previous editions. The award’s ‘Vote&Win’ campaign has successfully engaged the consumer voters in the past, as it will in this edition too.

With the final announcement of the awards’ winners too being on the virtual domain, the nominees and winners are guaranteed to catch the eye of the customers.

So take a step back and consider this. Should you be interested in an opportunity to highlight your strengths to your customers? It’s free, we might add. Can the optician set a positive tone by participating in an awards program? Would your participating add credibility to eyewear retailing? Will your customer be happy to see you being part of the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS 2020/21?

The answer is an overwhelming yes. Yes, for a million reasons that are your customers. All you need to do is register on youandeyemag.com, upload your store images and update your service offerings. We’ll do the rest.

Awards aside, YouAndEyeMag also gives every optician a free website and more...

Optician Profile and Logo

Every optician can have its own profile published, highlighting their history, location, and services offered. They can also highlight their own logo.

Eyewear Brands Stocked

A module to display all brands stocked by opticians is provided so that a customer can know which brands are stocked by the optician. This information is shared by the brand owners and alternatively opticians can request brand owners to allow their brands to be displayed here. This ensures that genuine stockists of brands are highlighted.

Lens Brands Stocked

Similar to eyewear brands that are stocked at your store, you can also highlight the lens brands that you dispense. All the logos of the brands will be automatically displayed on confirmation from the lens brand owners that the optician is a genuine dispenser of the lens brand.

Google Maps Integration

Yes, your customer can locate your store and reach you using google maps that’s provided for each and every store that you have.

Contact Form

There’s even a contact us form that sends out an email directly to you if a customer fills it up and submits it. This is a direct communication between the customer and the optician.


Aimed towards the industry's long term goal to provide every optician an online store, the first phase of providing an attractive website has been completed. All the above features are completely free. In addition we have a special feature for VisionPlus Subscribers where they can change the banner to display any branding they want to show. And this can be changed as many times as the optician wants. For more information please contact Neelam Solanki on +98208 19674

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