Eyewear Trends 2021 What’s In Store?

Eyewear Trends 2021 What’s In Store?

Let’s find out about the shapes and designs that are going to dictate the trends in 2021

For all of you, who’ve been waiting for the never-ending lockdown to get over, well, the good news is that even though we may not be sure about lockdown, one thing that’s for sure is that 2020 is definitely going to end soon. Having the tag of probably being the most unfruitful year in a lot of ways, 2020 is something a lot of us would not want to remember a lot of.

2021 seems to be carrying with it the burden of having to provide solutions to all our problems and hopes. In terms of eyewear designs, I am pretty sure, the designers have been at it from home or wherever they’ve been working from and the ‘me’ time that they’ve had access to this year should result in some really innovative and creative eyewear.

I am not sure what colour or material will rule the hearts and minds of the wearer but I could attempt some predictions about the type of eyewear that's going to be popular. Here’s a list of what I think will work for 2021

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Oversized frames

2021 is going to be all about style and protection and there’s nothing better than an oversized frame to get you this. And with the focus on eye protection, designers would be playing a lot with size and in a way, it’s all for the good. There’s nothing like a big and beautiful frame to offer the designers so much more space to do what they want. Either by keeping it simple and minimalistic or going over the top with all the frills, they’d still be able to showcase the eyes of the wearer. So it’d be a win-win for everyone!

Round glasses

In the previous issue, we did speak about the round frames, choosing its wearer and that not everyone can carry it off. But we’d like to add that the round-rimmed (not completely round) frames can be worn by lesser mortals like us and that it’s not just for the wizards. They have been in trend since the past several years and quite frankly, there’s nothing better than round glasses in nude colours to help you style effortlessly, yet elegantly.


Thin rim frames

Thin rim frames provide a certain understated elegance and I am sure you’d agree that there’s nothing more chic than a sleek pair of gold or rose-gold rimmed metal frame. You can always pair them with basic plain colours, and you’re not going to look anything lesser than a magazine cover model.

Wooden frames

You can love them or hate them but you just can’t ignore them. And for all those out those who love all things natural, wooden eyewear is not just another passing trend. And I am sure 2021 will see a lot more wearable designs and added colours. And there’s going to be a lot of people who love to dress up in their own funky style pairing it up with wooden frames to turn up the ‘funk’ quotient a wee bit more.

Transparent rims

They seemed to be a passing trend but have stayed since last year and my prediction is that they are going to continue being around for a while longer. So brace yourself for these easy-to-wear glamour articles that go with everything and do not distract much from the wear but, in a very subtle way, adds that little bit more to make them noticeable. And with the variations of half metal and half-transparent, there’s that much more for the eyewear designers to get more creative.

Geometric glasses

Well, it’s no problem if you weren’t really good at maths, but if you added a little bit of geometry to your eyewear shapes, it could add up to a lot or maybe even multiply your style quotient a wee bit. My apologies for those drastically forced puns but it was really hard to not subtract them from the sentences. Jokes apart, these can be really nice with more wearable options, with added funk. Geometric glasses like octagon, hexagon, square and rectangle are excellent to highlight or accentuate your facial features, especially for those with a round face.

Cat-eye glasses

This retro classic seems to never fade away. But actually, there’s no real secret to why that happens. As long as women want to amp up their style statement in whatever mood they want to be - a bossy babe or a naughty mystery - Cateye frames will always be around. And 2021 will definitely see a lot of women wanting to get back out there and flaunt their style. And they all know that there’s nothing better thana Cateye frame to do this!

Blue light protective eyewear

More than just being a pandemic trend, the popularity of blue light lenses has helped create an awareness of the harmful effects of the digital screens that we are all being exposed to. Blue light rays are a part of the sunlight spectrum. They move with extremely high energy and hence cause damage to human eyes like cataract, macular degeneration, Dry Eye Syndrome. Now that people are becoming aware of the ill-effects of blue light, more and more of them will be purchasing anti-blue light glasses in 2021.

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