Gearing Up For India ka Apna VisionPlus EXPO

Gearing Up For India ka Apna VisionPlus EXPO

Siraj Bolar, Editor-in-Chief of the VisionPlus magazine speaks to Kavita from the editorial team on the VisionPlus EXPO happening in Dubai

The second edition of the VisionPlus EXPO is all set to open its doors to visitors on October 19 in Dubai. As the countdown catches pace, we get candid with Siraj Bolar, Editor-in-chief, VisionPlus magazine to get a glimpse into his vision for the grand event, his expectations from the second edition and of course his insights into the trends of the Indian optical industry.

Kavita Shahani (KS): So, Mr. Siraj Bolar, tell us your thoughts about the second edition of the VisionPlus EXPO.

Siraj Bolar (SB): Well, I think the VisionPlus EXPO is a new beginning especially now as the world recovers from the pandemic slow-down. I think this event  makes a big difference to the optical business globally.

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The reason for this mainly is its destination — Dubai, which is recognised as the most happening destination as a business and tourist centre for travellers from across the world. Needless to say, Dubai has a one-of-its-kind infrastructure and hospitality facility which is a big advantage for visitors.

An added advantage is the fact that Dubai is almost like a home-away-from-home for Indians - the local conditions are favourable making it easy for them to take advantage of.

KS: That's an interesting point of view. The first edition of the EXPO was a grand success - from participation of global brands to the enriching knowledge sharing sessions by the VP Academy experts. With the second edition being just around the corner, expectations are bound to soar. What do you have to say about that?

SB: Indeed, the first session was a milestone. I am much obliged to the industry for all the love and support that they showed. When we conceptualised this event, I had certain goals in mind - I had envisioned it to emerge as a platform that would put Dubai in the centre stage as a procurement hub for the optical trade community in the entire MENA region.

And it surpassed all of these expectations. The soaring success of the first edition was the motivation for us to come forth with a bigger second edition. And I am happy to share that we have achieved this goal. I mean in terms of show quality, the organisation, excellent arrangements await visitors.

Then we have more space which means bigger exhibitions and let's not forget the country - specific pavilions like the French pavilion.

This means visitors no longer need to travel to different parts of the world to catch up on the latest offerings of the global brands - we are making it all available under one roof! I think this is an extremely beneficial move for the Indian optical trade community - planning a trip to Dubai is easier, managing accomodation and even business interactions is relatively easier!

KS: With all of this VisionPlus EXPO is all set to become the top international trade shows in this part of the world. Tell us something about the exhibition - what will the display be like?

SB: The VisionPlus EXPO is a one of its kind show in this region - we have leading brands from all domains of the eyewear industry lined up for the exhibition.

Be it eyewear, eyecare, instruments, contact lens, optical equipment - there is an impressive lineup of brands in each category that will be showcasing their portfolio at this year's event. All I can say is that we have something of interest for everyone in the optical trade community at this year's event.

Additionally, as a small token of appreciation - we have a special offer for the buyers making purchases on the first day of the VisionPlus EXPO. Those making purchases worth AED 5,000 will be rewarded with a gold coin. Offer details as well as the terms and conditions are available on the vpexpo website."

KS: The soaring number of visitors and brand registrations is a reiteration of the platform and its popularity. Moving on, please give us some insight into the trends that you see in the Indian optical industry.

SB: Well, I think the Indian optical trade community has bounced back considerably well after the whole pandemic situation. As I have always said, the eyewear industry is extremely dynamic and so very difficult to point towards a particular trend. But the one movement that I see gathering considerable momentum is the Make in India and Brands India initiative where people are keen to promote local brands. It is heartening to see the local brands growing so well.

I also think that the VisionPlus EXPO happening in Dubai is an excellent platform to get these Indian brands global exposure - perfect timing for those who are looking to give their sales and brand visibility a positive boost.

KS: Thank you for the fabulous insights into one of the most coveted events of the industry - the VisionPlus EXPO. As a parting note, any message for our readers…

SB: Sure. The Indian optical trade community is like a family to me. I have watched the industry ever since it was in its infancy stage and let me tell you the growth is a legacy in itself.

As a parting note, I would like to invite all of my extended family - the Indian opticians community - to continue to support the VisionPlus EXPO and help it scale new heights this year.

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