PersonalEyes – Essilor’s personalising Spectacle lenses

PersonalEyes - Essilor’s personalising Spectacle lenses

Essilor’s latest innovation empowers ECPs to offer personalised spectacle lenses - the best vision experience for their customer

Spectacle lenses-through which one sees the world play a key role in the overall performance and productivity of every individual. Since more than 80% of information about the external world reaches us through the eyes, selection of right/value-added spectacle lenses are crucial - any compromise here will lead to compromise in quality of vision and life..

The new age visual demands

  • Reading and intermediate vision is where presbyopes want help.
  • Prolonged screen time due to work-from-home and other online activities that have seen a sudden increase due to the pandemic.
  • Adjusting to varying visual angles and postures in day to day life..

The traditional lens needs to be adjusted to match these visual demands. As per the study conducted by Essilor upto 50% of the traditional progressives wearers are not happy with the Vision for Near and Intermediate area..

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Personalisation is the solution

Personalised products sell for an average of 33% more than the plain version in most industries. While personalisation has been a trend, it has not been tried well in the eyewear/eyecare segment. For quite some time, these are the challenges of popularising personalised eyewear

  • Availability of tools to take personal Eye parameters-accurately and consistently.
  • Availability of truly personalised spectacle lenses.
  • Lack of recommendation and awareness

But the introduction of Eyepartner/Visioffice by Essilor, changes this considerably. Essilor’s range of integrated optical measurement and dispensing tools are helping thousands of ECPs in India to scale up, differentiate and succeed in the PAL practice.

Thanks to their advanced measurement system, today ECPs can design progressive lenses for every individual customised as per their eye parameters.

Eyecode/Xclusive-Essilor’s breakthrough

Eyecode is an innovation by Essilor offered through Visioffice that makes personalisation possible. Currently, all lenses that are manufactured with the assumption that every person has the same Eye Rotation Centre (ERC), when in fact it can vary by up to 30%. Eyecode’s dynamic 3D eye measurement is based on pinpointing the exact Eye Rotation Centre unique to every person. With Eyecode’s precise measurement and an assessment of additional parameters, ECPs can now offer the most advanced physiologically matched lenses to the customer. This feature unleashes the new era in personalisation of eyewear.

The Eyecode range of Varilux Progressives and Single vision range takes vision into next level by offering higher accuracy, better lens centering and Instant vision without any efforts.

Components of Eyecode


Measured accurately with Eyepartner.These include frames/fitting, eye rotation centre, dominant eye, etc.

Behavioral Components

Measured through the reproduction of a familiar near vision daily task.

Near vision behavior (NVB)

This process involves imitation of a reading task tracking the reader's eye saccades to assess his visual needs and optimise the shape and position of his own vision volume.NVB is a 4-in-1 measure combining postural and visual behavior in near vision NVB is measured with the help of the unique app and tablets in stores while the wearer is seated in the most comfortable and natural way.NVB output is a unique combination for each patient, of behavior and postural components.The added colour code for every results can be interpreted well by the ECPs and can be explained to the wearers.

Posture in near Vision

This studies the way how one holds the reading material.

The personalised range of spectacle lenses offers great benefits for the wearers - high level of comfort, unlimited vision, instant adaptation and a lot more. With this offering, ECPs too tend to get benefits by having satisfied and loyal customers, paying premium for their Eyecode/Xclusive range of lenses.

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