VisionPlus Academy: Upgrade, Get Accredited And Grow Your Business

VisionPlus Academy: Upgrade, Get Accredited And Grow Your Business

There’s great news for all those who are waiting to upgrade their education in optometry and earn CME points - all this while attending the VisionPlus EXPO! The CME certifications are approved by the Dubai health authorities and can surely add value to practitioner's business

The VisionPlus EXPO is all set to open its doors in the second edition starting October 19, 2022. The three-day exhibition will witness participation from brands across the globe -  a fantastic opportunity for everyone in the trade to stay updated with the latest trends, upgrade their portfolio, build their network and of course add to their certifications. Yes! Build your knowledge base and get certified while doing so through the courses offered by VP Academy.

What is VP Academy?

VP Academy is a forum for eyecare professionals with study topics curated by some of the best professionals in the region. It follows a three-pronged approach focused on helping opticians gain learnings that help them improve customer engagement, offer professional services and gain clinical expertise in vision care.

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What will you gain?

Every participant stands to gain through the various sessions to be hosted by VP Academy, as part of the VisionPlus EXPO. Industry experts are going to conduct sessions pediatric vision, binocular vision, contact lenses, vision rehabilitation and many more. A panel discussion on 'Optometry And Ophthalmology: Interprofessional Collaboration And Education' is also planned as part of the three-day sessions.

Opticians, Optometrists and other members of the optical trade will gain extensively from these CME certified courses that are also approved by Dubai Health Authorities.In the course of multiple sessions, the experts will cover all the latest technology and healthcare solutions in optometry.

Our estemmed speakers - Experts from different domains who will conduct sessions as part of VP Academy

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