“We are committed to offering fast and reliable service…”

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“We are committed to offering fast and reliable service...”

VisionPlus speaks to Ramamoorthy Pavalur from Prana Opticals and Ilja Galinger from Optiswiss to understand their plans in the Middle East

VisionPlus (VP). Prana Opticals came into existence relatively recently. What was the vision that drove you, and how has the
journey been so far?

Ramamoorthy Pavalur (RP): Prana Optics came into existence when most people were not feeling too optimistic about their businesses. The optical trade was going through a rough patch because the pandemic was at its peak. But I was determined to go ahead with setting up Prana.

This is because a very precise motive drove us – we wanted to set the benchmark by offering high-tech lenses, eyewear, and other optical accessories empowering the eye care practitioners to serve the customer. The response from the industry continues to encourage us to march ahead.

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VP: Tell us something about your association with Optiswiss. How has this partnership flourished?

RP: Optiswiss has been manufacturing lenses since 1937 operating out of its state-of-the-art set-up in Basel, Switzerland. Using the latest technology, strict quality control measures, and a detailed logistics network, Optiswiss has carved a niche for itself in the optical trade community. It's products are available in more than 30 countries.

Prana Opticals associated itself with Optiswiss to pursue its vision of supporting eye care practitioners with the latest and high-tech products. The partnership has been mutually beneficial. Today,
we are exclusive distributors of Optiswiss Products in GCC region, we have expanded to Lebanon and Iraq with plans to enter other Middle East markets.

VP: Tell us what makes the customer chose Optiswiss?

Ilja Galinger (IG): At Optiswiss, we are  proud to be able to say that we are the one and only lens manufacturer where the whole process of R&D, production, marketing, and customer care center operates in  Basel Switzerland. And one of
the few in Europe.

An anecdote in passing, which our customers might experience every now and then, when talking to one of our colleagues in the customer care center about products they ordered, they might get the answer 'let me check this with my colleague from 'production,' and they truly do check this in real-time –our customers love being that close to the whole process and having all under one roof –in Basel, Switzerland.

Moreover, we are proud to say that we are one of few independent labs worldwide. Our promise: True partnership with our customers, maximum flexibility, and 100% Swiss Made products.

VP: Optiswiss is a dynamic company that concentrates on developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling high-tech spectacle lenses. Could you elaborate on the tech aspect a little more.?

IG: Optiswiss is known for its technological prowess. In 85 years of operations, Optiswiss has patented numerous technologies that have established multiple benchmarks in terms of offering high-tech products. From ensuring high-quality vision to guaranteeing maximum viewing comfort, the exhaustive range of products by Optiswiss carved a niche in the market.

Some of our technologies are Swiss Fusion Technology – a unique method that calculates additional parameters while developing the lens surface to ensure maximum visual comfort. Swiss HD technology guarantees innovation in the production process and Freeform Technology – a unique process that facilitates the production of optimized lenses with high spontaneous compatibility.

VP: If you were to summarize 2021, what are the key highlights for your brand?

IG: Well, the true highlight is the launch of our new be4ty+ BIOMETRICS progressive lenses. Together with our partner Oculus and their OCULUS Myopia Master®, we can offer our customers not only an individual lens, but we can also offer them the true individual lens  -by including their biometrical parameters. We measure three parameters of the eye: Pupil diameter, the eye pivot, and we measure actual eyeball length. These are measured with the OCULUS Myopia Master® and combined with the known individual parameters, enabling a precise vision system analysis.

VP: Tell us something about the Swiss Fusion Technology."

IG: The new Swiss Fusion calculation technology builds on Swiss HD technology. Be 4ty+ S-Fusion progressive lenses have 40 000 calculation points per lens surface. We've created a phenomenal depth of view using Swiss Connect Technology. The Swiss Connect technology connects the 40,000 calculation points with eight connectivity's to neighboring points and calculates them precisely. This corresponds to 320,000 connectivities per lens surface.

The most challenging part when creating a new progressive lens is controlling peripheral astigmatism. With High Precision Cylinder Orientation, we can control peripheral astigmatism and minimize the edge zones, especially in the intermediate and short-range areas. The true advantage for the consumer is clearer vision right to the edge in the intermediate and close-range areas.

VP: What plans do you have in the pipeline for 2022?

RP: This year looks promising. We look to benefit from our association with Optiswiss and our growing popularity in the GCC region and plans to enter other Middle East markets. As I mentioned, we will continue to build partnerships with leading international brands that will help us get the best possible offering to the customers. Atthe end of the day, our sole focus is to facilitate best possible support to ECPs in order to help them cater to customers.

VP: Products that the customers can look forward to?

IG: Optiswiss is always in movement. Our R&D department has some very interesting products in the pipeline, and some of them will see the light of the day soon. But, for now, the summer season is coming, and our customers will be able to stand out from competitors with our new Flash BiColor colors.

VP: Message for the readers...

RP:  At Prana Optics, we are driven by the Vision to offer world-class products with excellent & reliable customer services to the ECP community. 

I would like to inform  ECPs / Business owners that we, at Prana Optics, are offering an exhaustive range of high-tech optical products that include sports & fashion eyewear with Swiss quality, that help deliver a   superior customer experience. So I invite you all to benefit from our extensive range.

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