50 Years Of Silmo's Success, In The Heart Of Europe

While the biggest organisation is celebrating half a century, Amélie Morel, President, Silmo explains how she was flattered to receive the nomination for a president and how she sees it contributing hugely to the industry’s growth

Over the past 50 years, Silmo Paris has demonstrated its adaptability and close relationship with sector businesses while managing its own expansion, incorporating the new generations of brands and designers, adapting to market developments, offering an effective business platform and a consistent quality level in order to optimise the investment made by exhibitors and visitors alike.

SilmoThe organisation has created information, training and development tools, publications and resources to showcase the sector’s creativity and vibrancy in order to offer a real discussion and interactive content service before, during and after the trade show.

Since Silmo Paris was founded, the trade show has extended its sphere of influence by launching strategic offshoots – Silmo Istanbul and Silmo Sydney – with the aim of meeting the high expectations of high-potential markets.

Amélie Morel, President, Silmo explained, “It is an ‘incredible machine’, receiving professionals from throughout the world. They expect a lot from this annual fair in terms of business, but also in terms of trends, market understanding and discussions.”

Silmo’s history:

The fair was founded in 1967 in Oyonnax, in the French birthplace of glasses manufacture. It moved to Paris 15 years later to enhance and facilitate its international position. By the end of the 1980s, ‘fashion was fashionable’ and SILMO introduced the trend forums and presented shows of unique glasses. In 1993, the organisers decided that the date of the trade fair that animates an entire industry should be in autumn.

SilmoDuring the same decade, the organisation anticipated the changes in the sector, founding the Village to host creative new brands, and the first SILMO d’Or international awards for creation and innovation. The fair’s 40th anniversary also illustrated the international reputation of SILMO, with a record number of visitors. We hope that the 2017 jubilee will be equally appreciated.

50 years and counting:

Amélie Morel: We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the fair with a serene and constructive approach to prepare the next 50 years! It maintains its place as a market leader and remains a reference among optical fairs, but we must not rest on our laurels. We are well aware that self-criticism is essential to be able to anticipate change in the world markets and to assist professionals with their business transformations, and current and future mutations. We also strive to preserve a fair balance between French and International visitors as France is the largest market in Europe. The Silmo brand must continue to shine and maintain its development in the markets of the future, contributing to the industry’s growth.

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