Acep Direct Launches PUPX

In the current situation across the world, where social distancing is the new ‘normal’, it is imperative that safety protocols are followed. Acep Direct launches the Digital Pupillometer to assist the protect the optician and the eyeglass wearer while taking in-store measurements.

Respecting social distance is at the heart of Acep Direct’s concerns because it has an impact on the customer journey in optical stores. Taking measurements is one of the important steps in the customer journey in store. It has become difficult, if not impossible, to use the traditional pupillometer because this barrier measure is not respected.

To overcome the problem of the social distance between the optician and the eyeglass wearer when taking in-store measurements, ACEP DIRECT, the leader in digital measurements and augmented reality simulations launches:


Digital Pupillometer on iPad

Faster and more powerful than a traditional pupillometer, the PUPX application allows you to easily take the pupil distance but also the pupil heights at a distance of 1 meter between the optician and the customer.

“PUPX replaces the traditional pupillometer by adding the measurements of pupil heights. This application speeds up the digitisation of points of sale.” emphasises Jean Philippe SAYAG, Chairman and CEO of ACEP DIRECT.

PUPX logo

To help opticians in these difficult times, ACEP DIRECT sells the application directly on its website

The optician buys the license, downloads his application from the App Store and receives his access code and eyeglass holder.

The application is currently installed only on the iPad iOS 13 


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