FreshLook ColorBlends Wins Vision-X VP Award

The FreshLook® product was the winner of the Vision-X VP Award for Most Popular Coloured Contact Lens

Members of Alcon team receive the Vision-X VP Award (Most Popular Coloured Contact Lens) from Saleh Al Shawa
Dr Tarek Mahmoud and Dr Wael Mostafa receive the Vision-X VP Award (Most Popular Coloured Contact Lens) for FreshLook® ColorBlends from Saleh Al Shawa

The very first edition of the Vision-X VP Awards – a joint initiative between VisionPlus Arabia Magazine and the organisers of Vision-X Dubai, aimed at recognising the best products in the optical industry, was held in a grand ceremony on 25th November, 2014, during the first day of the Vision-X trade show in Dubai. Introduced as a new concept, the awards received an overwhelming response in terms of participation from some of the leading brands in the optical industry across the globe. The awards were hosted amidst a lot of excitement and fun that filled the evening as the winner’s league of the optical industry could be seen gleaming with pride.

One of the winners was FreshLook® ColorBlends, which won the Vision-X VP Award for Most Popular Coloured Contact Lens. Dr Tarek Mahmoud, Professional Affairs Manager of Alcon ME and Dr Wael Mostafa, UAE Manager of Alcon were present on the occasion to receive the award.

Dr Wael Mostafa said, “Freshlook® is a family brand from Alcon which has been the market leader for colour contact lenses for many years till now. I think being the most popular awarded proves that Freshlook® has superiority over other coloured lenses brands in terms of quality of the manufacturing and materials, natural appearance, and varieties of matching colours for daily or monthly wearers.”

FreshLook ColorBlends
FreshLook ColorBlends

ColorBlends is a product in the popular FreshLook® line with a special 3-in-1 patented colour technology, where it blends 3 complementary colours into one to provide a naturally beautiful look.

For the complete list of winners of the Vision-X VP Awards, click here.

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