GO design : A Unique Concept Store Launched At Al Mamzar Centre, Dubai

The collaboration between the key players – Concept-S and GO design brings best of Germany to the newly launched showroom at Al Mamzar Centre, Dubai.

GO design Showroom at Al Mamzar Centre

Concept-S Displays & Shop Design, a specialist in shop fitting for optical stores with headquarters in Germany and GO design, a new company dealing with German optical frames and sun glasses recently opened its Middle East showroom at Al Mamzar Centre Dubai located at ‘Shop G20’.

Al Mamzar Centre is well located and that has served to one of the main challenge of the collaborating companies of finding a well-known and easy-to-find location.

Placed opposite of the police headquarters, Al Mamzar Centre is one of the most traditional business centers and well mapped as it is close to the airport and metro station.

Concept-S has its headquarters in the south of Germany, near Stuttgart and offers a complete and diverse line of displays and shop design. It provides high-quality design and sophisticated products through a variety of displaying, which includes classics as well as novelties and has been dealing with Middle East for more than ten years, and now it will be serving it directly through its showroom in Dubai.

To summarize the core concept of Concept-S, it designs and builds entire shops, from the idea to the completion.

logoGOMr. Ramzi Al Azawi, Managing director and owner of Gollach Optik / GO design who lives and works in Germany and owns 4 optical shops including hearing care said that the idea of this project was to use synergy effects and to present high quality brands on equally qualitative showcases with a touch of technology.

“Some of the brands are handmade and others with high-tech additions. The main goal is to deliver good quality products which was slow in the past to become fast and cost effective. Clients should not worry about prices as we give solutions for low, medium and high budget clients,” Mr Al Azawi said. His sisters, Suzan and Maison Al Azawi live in Dubai and are head of GO design as well as sales agents for Concept-S in Middle East.

Eschenbach Optik Germany

Mr. Walter Kaiser, Director international Marketing and Sales / Eschenbach Optik GmbH and also a partner of GO design, mentioned that the idea behind displaying their products in the showroom in Dubai is that it allows Eschenbach to display its latest releases in the heart of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

Mr. Kaiser further shared the biggest challenge of being constantly able to showcase their latest releases, which is approximately four times in a year, to the market. This has addressed the issue of less frequent access to the market through international exhibitions which takes place only once or twice a year. Eschenbach bring out nearly 180 frames in a year and GO design showroom is the best way to give a constant update of the product portfolio to their potential customers in Middle East through the shopping hub – Dubai.

He was happy of the fact that Dubai is the heart of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) so the customers from countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman have easy access to Dubai. “So, when these customers travel to Dubai, it is logical to use the opportunity. They can choose what they want. The business excellence of Eschenbach is delivery, so this is a perfect window for us for success,” he added.


Exploring further on the germination of the idea and its effective execution, Mr Lukas Schroll, Managing director and owner of Concept-S Ladenbau & Objektdesign GmbH mentioned that the idea for this concept was born during Vision –X 2013. Mr Al Azawi, representing Gollach Optik/GO design, and Mr Schroll owner of Concept-S, were participating exhibitors in Vision-X 2013. In a casual brainstorming conversation, they came up with rather unique idea of presenting unique fittings and decoration for optical shops by Concept-S along with many German optical frames and sun glasses such as Eschenbach, Mainhattan, Marion Ramm, and Regsonn.


Apart from the finding the best location for the showroom, The partners also pointed that other challenges like dealing with GCC is much more easier when there is a local showroom equipped with people on site, also to assist in planning, design and consulting as well as in shipment and customs.  This also sorts the search for local support.

The fact that Concept-S has an export share of more than 65%, they take pride in the experience of handling proceeding of overseas projects.


Concept-S was the first company working in optical decoration in the world with a record of selling more than one million showcase till now.

Based on about 20 years of experience in shop fitting, Concept- S has been developing innovative presentation designs for spectacles and processing high-quality materials, thus becoming one of the leading companies in this sector world-wide. Concept-S has sales partners in Europe and Overseas and has constantly been present at international exhibitions leading to growth of their business all over the world.

Concept-S Office
To add value to the customer experience, Concept-S also provides personal consultations with their interior designers developing individual concepts for fittings with an optimal use of space and an appealing ambiance as per the demand and budget requirements of clients. About 70% of the products from Concept-S, shop fitting specialists from Schorndorf, are sold abroad.

“Concept-S has unique ideas for clients to give various solutions of presenting and storing their products for large quantity of products and fine display for superior quality of products too. We have a professional team to understand customer needs, which use psychology in their methods. Similarly, for even better understanding their needs, Concept-S uses questionnaires for clients to answer and a catalogue to use as a reference,” Mr Schroll said adding that Concept-S is focusing on catering to the Middle East market with enhanced customer service.

“A good team as well as a constant check of our products makes sure that function and quality comply entirely with the requirements of our customers,” Mr Schroll said.

“Due to sophisticated display modules and fitting elements, the advantages of shop design systems by Concept-S are short planning and execution time, cost-effective realization and price transparency. Design, quality and function bear comparison with the highest demands. Optimal preconditions for the best possible result, because customer satisfaction is our primary objective. Our experienced installation team could assist to assemble, if required,” Mr Schroll said.

He expressed that if a client is looking for new premises or refurbishing their optical store, besides the concept-showroom at its headquarters in Schorndorf with an area of 600 m² dedicated to displaying contemporary and innovative products and therefore the biggest showroom in the world for this branch, the new location in Dubai is another important milestone for the company .

Besides the optical industry, Concept-S also offers presentation systems for watches, jewelry, hearing care, sports shops and accessories. The interior designers from Concept-S develop individual ideas for fittings with an optimal use of space and an appealing ambiance; all adjusted to clients’ demands and budget! Beyond serial production and the worldwide distribution, the team also plans and realizes complete properties from design up to completion.

The interior designers assist during the entire planning and implementation phase to implement high quality standard holistically, also high quality seating furniture and professional planning of lighting, customized to the shop fittings are offered. Concept-S also points out that products are assembled for clients with due diligence and packed with rigorous precision.


On 15 November 1913, Josef Eschenbach established the company named after himself with the objective of setting up a wholesale business for optical articles and technical drawing instruments. They are German manufacturers and wholesalers of metal and plastic spectacle frames, and ready-to-wear sunglasses. Eschenbach also designs and manufactures, Vision technology products,consumer optics and technical optics.

Some of the products of Eschenbach eyewear are Freigeist, TitanFlex, Humphrey’s, Crush, Marc O’Polo, Oceanblue to mention few.

Mainhattan :

Mainhattan Eyewear is 100% made in Germany. The new paint finish used in their eyewear, is a rubberized finish. which is similar to the interior of Volkswagen Beetles, non-scratchable metal. It is more lightweight and durable than any metal including titanium. Mainhattan eyeglasses are clean, cool, wearable and incredibly comfortable. With a lightweight and simple frame design, the eyeglasses get most of their attention with the unique shapes that are created from incredibly thin steel. One is assured to find his private masterpiece without fail.

Marion Ramm :

Since 40 years, Marion Ramm represents, a successful and fashionable collection of frames and sunglasses, offering growth, flexibility and quality customer service.

In their current catalogs major highlights are, trendy, young versions of metal and acetate frames elegant ladies, sporty men’s versions, high fashion sunglasses for men and women, sports goggles and cool kids and youth sunglasses.

Regsonn :

Founded in 1976, Regsonn is a small label-based company, from Germany, producing lightweight, yet flexible eyewear in modern and portable forms. The company produces eyewear that is high in quality and virtually unbreakable, by using the finest stainless steel, which otherwise is used for surgical instruments. A unique finishing process ensures that the glasses are 100% hypoallergenic and keeps the colour excellent. They are extremely lightweight, flexible, and almost indestructible.

Sauflon :

Established in 1985, Sauflon is one of only four companies to manufacture both contact lenses and aftercare solutions. Sauflon is a global manufacturer of contact lenses and solutions, offering the widest range of contact lenses and aftercare products all over the world.

Sauflon’s high-quality contact lenses and aftercare products reach Opticians, Optometrists, Eye Doctors and Eye Care Professionals in over fifty countries. Sauflon is now established as a high quality and innovative global manufacturer of contact lenses and aftercare products.

6 main features of the GO design sales and service focused towards ultimate customer experience:

  • Flexibility: Customization to every demand and each budget
  • Sales increase: Shop fitting provides the best preconditions for the sales promotion in the shop
  • Individuality: Realizing a unique shop concept that is unique to the client
  • Compatibility: We guarantee that products can be retrofitted at any time and are available over years
  • Cost control: Matching the budget to the planning.
  • Readiness: Short planning time- and implementation phases!

GO design ensures prompt assistance and full-time service, the business hours are as follows: Saturday to Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. – 13:00 p.m. and 16:00 p.m. – 20:00 p.m., on Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. – 13:00 p.m. as well as on appointment.

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