Here’s How You Can Get Your Loyal Customers To Vote For You!

Want to get votes from your customers? Here’s are some measures that you can take as an optician to bag votes from your loyal customers!

The ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS 2017 is underway and the excitement in the industry is overwhelming. Ads in local publications, promotions on social media pages and effectively reaching out to customers through email campaigns are just a few of evident activities that are being employed by participating opticians to woo their loyal customers to get voted and hopefully win the coveted trophy in November.

Here are few witty and effective concepts that we came across during our talks with some opticians: Here are some witty ways and effective concepts that we got to know after our talks withs some opticians:

Customer Feedback: Every customer that walks in and experiences your good or preferably great service first hand is most likely to give you a positive feedback. Many opticians have a standard practice of taking customer feedback after their purchase has been completed. We found some opticians using this creatively. Following the in-store survey, customers are asked if they would be willing to rate them on

After briefly explaining the concept of the awards, and drawing their attention to Certificate of Participation prominently displayed at the store, the customer is requested to rate them for their services. Most consumers agree to vote from their own mobile phones. For those that may not be comfortable with phone, opticians have an iPad available to guide the consumers through the process.

  1. Rewarding the customers
    A particular optician based in Rajkot has offered a 10% discount to all customers who can show a screenshot where they have voted for the optician. We find this to be a brilliant way, as it works out two ways: First, it prompts the customer to come to your store and purchase something. And second, , since the customer has already voted in the optician’s favour, he or she is more likely to come in with a more positive approach towards the optician and is likely to be open to the optician’s suggestions during the purchase. This leads to building a healthy customer-relationship that only gets stronger with time and efforts.
  2. Whatsapp Campaign

    Undeniably, whatsapp is one of the most effective modes of electronic communication these days. With the awards team supporting all participating opticians with an animated GIF to send out to their customers, opticians have been known to extend the call to votes far beyond just their customer base. In a particular instance that we know of, a retail chain had strictly instructed all staff members to push out these GIF messages to their complete personal contact list in addition to the customers list that the optician had. Again, a huge potential database and customers!

With certain brands too pitching in, to support the initiative, the 2017 edition of ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS is expected to get far more customer engagement than the previous year.

Popular brands like Scott, Maui Jim, Carrera, Polaroid, St Marks, Image Eyewear, Silhouette, Cali4nia, Pitt & Mitt, LM Shades, Femina Flaunt have also offered free eyewear to consumers that vote for opticians during these two voting months. This offer is being promoted by YouAndEye through its consumer magazine You&Eye Tabloid as well as through digital and social media. Participating opticians too have jumped on the bandwagon and are encouraging their customers to vote and potentially win eyewear from some of the finest brands available in the country today.

If you haven’t yet enrolled yourself in the awards program, we highly recommend that you do so at the earliest. The last date for this is October 30th, 2017. The earlier you participate, the more time you would get to promote your practice. Participation is easy. First, register on Once you have your store credentials verified by the YouAndEyeOnline team, upload good quality and aesthetically shot photographs and other material to showcase your practice. This creates a dedicated profile page of your store. Reach out to you customers and get them to rate you on the profile page. It’s as simple as that.

Since, there are separate categories for Single or Boutique stores in metros and non-metro cities, as well as a distinct retail chains category across India, there’s a good chance that small as well as big opticians get a chance to prove their mettle. Awards will be given out on the basis of various criteria. This includes quality of store display; clinical expertise; quality of customer service; the type of CSR initiatives undertaken in the year; and also for creative and effective marketing activities run through the year. All in all, everyone has a good opportunity and high chance of winning. If nothing else, simply by participating and engaging your customers, you know that you would have made the optical retail industry in India win. Now isn’t that a great feeling by itself?!



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