Why Organic Indian Eyewear Brands Are Winning Hearts!

With the growing popularity of organic Indian eyewear brands or homegrown brands as they were known before, optical retailers are uniquely positioned to support and benefit from this trend. By offering products that combine quality, affordability and cultural resonance, retailers can cater to consumer preferences, celebrate local craftsmanship, and bolster the Indian eyewear industry.

In the Indian eyewear market, there’s a big change happening. More and more consumers are willing to flaunt organic Indian eyewear brands like Dr Harmann’s, KOSCH, Opium, Pavarotti, Pitt & Mitt, Scott, Sprint, SeeSaw and more. They seem to prefer these brands because they feel connected to Indian culture and style. This shift isn’t just a trend; it shows that people value products that reflect their Indian identity. For eyewear shops, this change is a great chance to support organic brands and take pride in promoting their high-quality products.

The Appeal of Organic Indian Eyewear Brands

Organic Indian eyewear brands have become popular by understanding what Indian consumers want. They create designs that are not only stylish but also seem to suit Indian faces and preferences. This attention to detail means their glasses fit better, are more comfortable, and match Indian styles as well the colour reflecting Indian skin tone.

These brands are also great at giving quality at reasonable prices. While luxury international glasses can be expensive, Indian brands offer similar quality for less. This is great for Indian consumers who want good quality without spending too much. It’s especially helpful in India, where people care about getting value for their money.

Quality and Innovation at Par

One of the most significant misconceptions about organic brands has been about quality. However, Indian eyewear brands have robustly dispelled these doubts, matching, and sometimes even surpassing, international standards in terms of material quality, durability, and design innovation. By leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies and materials, these brands offer products that stand the test of time and style.

Cultural Resonance and Celebrity Influence

Adding to their appeal, many organic Indian eyewear brands are loved even more because they include Indian culture in their designs. They use traditional patterns and modern versions of Indian styles, making people feel proud of their culture when they wear them. Furthermore, the endorsement by Bollywood celebrities and renowned cricketers has not only increased their visibility but also enhanced their credibility and aspirational value among the Indian populace.

The Role of Optical Retailers

For optical retailers, the rise of organic Indian eyewear brands offers a unique opportunity to diversify their product offerings and cater to a growing market segment that prioritises quality, style, and value for money. Selling these brands can also make people feel proud of supporting Indian businesses and craftsmanship.

Stores can make the most of this by showing off these brands in special areas and training staff to talk about why they’re great. This helps customers see the value and makes their shopping experience better.

In selling organic Indian eyewear, retailers are not just offering a product but are becoming part of a larger movement that celebrates Indian identity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It’s time to take pride in selling organic brands as much as international ones, for they represent the spirit of India – diverse, dynamic, and forward-looking.

Here’s what some organic eyewear brand owners are saying about “Why are consumers in India loving homegrown eyewear brands?”

“Organic Indian eyewear brands clearly understand the Indian consumer’s needs and aspirations better. And that is reflected in the brand’s product offerings. For instance, before Dr. Harmanns’s there was a huge gap in the reading glasses segment. 

Consumers had to choose between either unbranded products of substandard quality or expensive luxury brands. With Dr. Harmann’s we used our knowledge of the local customer’s needs and preferences and delivered a unique offering that filled this gap. 

Besides great designs and high-quality lenses, we also gave them great packaging and elegant cases. Also, from the pricing and collection perspective, the range that Dr. Harmann’s offers is a big hit among our users. These factors have contributed to making Dr. Harmann’s the most widely chosen reading spectacles brands in India.”

“In terms of quality and value, most organic Indian eyewear brands match or surpass many international brands. KOSCH eyewear designs, particularly in terms of colour, quality and aesthetics, evidently align more closely with the tastes of urban Indian customers.

That is why KOSCH was recently ranked among the top four best-selling sunglass brands at one of the country’s leading fashion retailers.

Also, there is an increasing sense of confidence among consumers today. They are looking for genuine relatability and trust, rather than merely opting for a popular label.”

“Nowadays, folks in India are really into trying out different stuff and paying close attention to what they buy. That’s why local brands, especially those making organic or homegrown products, are doing so well. 

These brands understand what Indian consumers want – whether it’s the right fit, colour, or style. And quality-wise, they’re top-notch, often even better than international brands. They offer premium features like special lenses and coatings, just like the fancy foreign brands, but at a much more affordable price. 

People are all about getting the best bang for their buck, and if it’s made in India, they’re even more into it. This shift is happening in the eyewear business too. Brands like Opium are leading the charge, focusing on what customers need and working with big names to keep things fresh. 

Homegrown brands are gaining ground, challenging the dominance of international ones. It’s all about catering to what Indian consumers want and need, even in areas like sports eyewear, where there’s a big opportunity for local brands to shine. The future is very bright, homegrown brands are the way forward. Consumers are realising this faster than the opticians.”

“Organic Indian eyewear brands are not just about looking good; they’re about feeling connected, supporting local craftsmanship. Pavarotti was founded in 2010 by me with the sole vision of creating a wholesome, sustainable future in Luxury Eyewear.

A revolutionary approach to business, art and experience at the heart of the brand with a focus on creating a genuine product that translates excellence through passion and authenticity is the core feature.

Pavarotti is truly the epitome of modern sophistication crafted with precision and innovation combined with unmatched personalisation possibilities.

We continue to honour this rich founding spirit by weaving creative experimentation & passion enriched through our extraordinary customer experience. We now stand as a landmark destination for fashionable, state-of-the-art eyewear brands which is a one-stop shop for all eye-art lovers with designs meticulously engineered to complement your style.”

“Pitt & Mitt’s popularity in India stems from its combination of stylish designs, durability and endorsements by prominent pediatric optometrists, eye hospitals and qualified opticians. The brand’s eyewear caters to children of all ages, ensuring both comfort and fashion. 

Pitt & Mitt’s reputation for quality, coupled with recommendations from industry professionals, has solidified its position as a trusted choice among parents and caregivers seeking reliable eyewear for their children. By offering a wide range of frames designed specifically for young wearers and prioritising both style and functionality, Pitt & Mitt has successfully captured the attention and loyalty of customers in the Indian market.”

“Consumers in India are increasingly gravitating towards organic or homegrown eyewear brands for several compelling reasons. They offer stylish, affordable frames, appealing to those who care about sustainability and style. 

Scott, now among one of the top brands in India, is known for fashionable designs and impeccable quality at affordable prices and appealing to all ages. Each product is meticulously designed with a distinct identity and the brand logo. 

We are repositioning another of our organic brands, Sprint, as the next sports brand catering to India’s growing health-consciousness consumers. Sprint Eyegear offers fashionable, sporty products for activities like running and cycling, aiming to become a major active lifestyle brand, while maintaining superior quality and affordability.”

“In the past decade, consumer buying behaviour has significantly shifted. Today, people are less concerned about whether a brand is international or local and more about how they connect with the brand and what it does for them emotionally. This trend is evident across various product categories in India, especially in the last five to seven years. Consumers now focus on getting what they want at the price they want, creating a level playing field for both local and international brands.

In our industry, where I’ve worked for 15 years, it was once all about superior product quality and aesthetics. While these remain essential, we’ve reached a point where excellent quality, attractive packaging, and reliable service are the baseline. Today, it’s more about what we can offer beyond the product itself.

We remain committed to creating a strong brand presence, fostering habitual changes in consumer behaviour, and supporting the growth of the eyewear industry. Collaboration and innovation are key to our strategy, and we welcome suggestions from industry partners to enhance our marketing initiatives further.”

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