Vogue Eyewear Unveils Campaign With Taapsee Pannu

Vogue Eyewear is thrilled to announce its latest campaign featuring talented actress and Brand Ambassador, Taapsee Pannu. This campaign encourages everyone to embrace every moment in life with a playful spirit. 

In a world that constantly presents us with dynamic situations, Vogue Eyewear believes that it is our approach to life which truly matters and makes all the difference. The campaign, titled “Keep Playing,” invites consumers to tap into their light, bright, and joyful side while engaging with life in all its colourful facets.

Commenting on the new campaign, Taapsee Pannu said, “I’m thrilled about my partnership with Vogue Eyewear and to be a part of another campaign. The key message of ‘Keep Playing’ resonates deeply with me, as it encourages everyone to express themselves freely and live life to the fullest while infusing each moment with fun and playfulness.”

The concept of “playing” is brought out in the campaign in the form of everyday scenarios such as daydreaming, playing with fashion, dancing to your own tune, or choosing the unexpected- highlighting delightful forms of engagement that enrich our lives in everyday situations. 

“Vogue Eyewear continues to underline and celebrate self-expression. Our campaign, with the dynamic Taapsee Pannu, known for her uninhibited free spirit and who perfectly encapsulates the essence of self-expression, encourages individuals to live life fashionably and unencumbered,” said Gunjan Saigal, Brand Group Head – Luxury, Premium & Fast Fashion. 

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