Hoyalux Array

HOYA the Free Form Lens Design Leader Launches Hoyalux Array. Now available in all materials, including polarizing lenses.

HoyaTechnology leader, HOYA Vision Care has once again shown the market advances to current technology can continue to be made with the introduction of Array to the market.

“Array lenses provide an adaptive design that is optimized for hyperopes, myopes, and astigmatics for superior ergonomics of near, mid and distance sight which delivers natural, comfortable viewing and head movement,” noted Dr. Anne Marie Lahr, HOYA’s Director of Education.

Array benefits include:

  • HOYA Free-Form Backside Surfacing Technology on any single vision lens, in any material.
  • Optimized for individual prescription for greatest performance of the lens design
  • Offers the widest viewing area for both myopic and hyperopic patients
  • Provides sharp, clear images not distorted by elliptical errors from conventional surfacing
  • Achieves superior vision at all distances
  •  Larger cut outs which make clear and sun options easier to order

“We always want to ensure our primary customers, independent eye care providers, have access to products that will help them grow their business. Array will offer a level of flexibility in materials they didn’t have before,” stated Barney Dougher, President of HOYA Vision Care, NA, he continued, “Now, accounts can stay within the HOYA family of lens designs to service all of their patient’s needs.”

The Array lens design includes HOYA Transmittance Control 3D Design Software:

  • Models nearly every scenario of how human eyes truly see with each prescription
  • Compensates for differences between wearing position and refraction position
  • Modifies and enhances lens design for optimal intermediate and reading area placement
  • Balances design symmetry for better binocular vision and reduced “swimming effect”

The general patient benefit is that by having the lens design closer to the eye there will be a wider field of view at the intermediate and near distances. In addition, ECPs will be able to choose from four different corridor profiles for an additional level of customization.

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