United Retailers Stand

Over a hundred retailers, among the owners of some of the biggest optical stores from across the country, gathered in the ground of Panchsheela club, Delhi on Dec 02, 2019, for an informal meeting

The meeting was called on by group members mainly belonging to the Gurgaon NCR optical association. Sans any formal arrangement of a meeting it was a gathering sort of to take account of the problem being faced by the optician community in the current scenario of MNCs encroaching in the optical retailing business.

The group present here had no leader but wanted to discuss on one development that is felt to be disrupting their business model. They claim their objective is to stand unitedly and protest against the marketing policies of most Lens manufacturers.

The outcome of the meeting is reported to be not to support some specific MNCs and not sign any business plans now onwards unless finding something suitable at this forum. It was also decided not to buy overstocks of anything like contact lenses and sunglasses and frames from the MNCs.


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