Silhouette Venture

Silhouette: Cool And Confident

The Austrian eyewear brand, Silhouette presents its best masculine design as the latest Venture model 

The new Venture model for men from premium eyewear manufacturer, Silhouette embodies cosmopolitan, ambitious, multi-faceted masculinity. With this rimless titanium model, designer Roland Keplinger has created an elegant, sporty accessory that merges timelessness with modernity.

Silhouette Venture

High-quality carbon elements add strong accents and bold contrasts to the temples. The high-precision inlay is hand-engraved with a woven pattern and various shadings that create fascinating depth.
Men have their choice of three different lens shapes and colour variations. The brushed rhodium and semi-matte golden carbon on the temple evoke images of a stylish whiskey tumbler with a well-aged single malt. The contrasting anthracite colour elements are inspired by the carbon chassis of a speedy race car and are combined on the temples with brushed ruthenium or glossy gold.
From the board room to the golf course, the masculine design of Venture from Silhouette is bursting with energy, accentuating the confidence of its wearer.

Contrasts also abound in the earpieces of this smart design. The high-quality titanium shines from start to finish, creating an elegant line for a design feature of superior elegance.

With its bold blend of materials and timelessly masculine design, Venture is sure to ascend the winner’s platform as a design classic.

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