Ultra-Light, Purist Design In A New Colour Concept

Silhouette’s impressive, new, “Pure Wave” full-rim eyewear comes in soft shades with finishes reminiscent of modern textiles.

Silhouette has been inspired to create something special with its new “Pure Wave” collection. The full-service, premium eyewear producer from Austria has picked up on the contemporary, warm, soft textures and colours found in modern textiles. “Pure Wave” is all about an ultra-thin, front design combined with balanced proportions and fresh colors. The result is purist, striking, full-rim eyewear.

Cool, easy-to-wear, full-rim look

Silhouette has combined textile-inspired finishes, attractive colors and modern shapes with the perfect, feather-light fit and minimalist style to make this collection a must-have for discerning customers. Nylor glazing means frames can be manufactured with an ultra-thin, front design, creating a cool, casual, easy-to-wear look. “This is all about pure, urban style with a modern colour concept giving the Pure Wave a subtle yet exciting feel,” explains Roland Keplinger, Design Director.

Minimalist, simple design, yet still sophisticated

The “Pure Wave” concept is made possible by using high-tech SPX®+ plastic. This premium material is one of Silhouette’s innovations and makes this full-rim eyewear incredibly light and flexible. It enables an elegant and harmonious transition from the front to the temple. And by way of a bonus, the unique, maintenance-free, hinge technology is so cleverly integrated into the frame that it doesn’t require any screws. The crowning glory of this eyewear is the exclusive titanium rings. Details like these make it clear that the “Pure Wave” not only has a minimalist design, but it is also intelligently thought through and lovingly executed. The ingenuity of this eyewear lies in its simplicity, which is why this season’s on-trend colors will not only attract attention through clothes, but also through the accompanying premium eyewear.

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