Valentino Spring/Summer 2023 Eyewear Collection

The new Valentino eyewear collection for the spring-summer 23 was inspired by the Unboxing Valentino collection. This collection revolves around revealing a specific idea, the idea of the group embodied through uniqueness. It is a work that leads towards the essential essence, with the deliberate removal of the transcendental. A collection of pieces suitable for men and women that embrace identities and forms. It enhances personality and liberates form, allowing freedom of choice while celebrating individuality.

V Gold-Cut inspired by the 1950s features a classic cat shape, featuring bold geometric lines with an unexpected quirky side. High-contrast sunglasses contribute to eye protection and provide a whiff of privacy.

The V-Glassliner is designed with a classic cat shape inspired by classic designs with a complementary vintage touch.

V-Hexagon glasses, with their classic C-style eyeglasses, are a mixture of oversized glasses inspired by the 80s and the shape of aviator glasses in an Indian-inspired style.

Paying homage to the eternal city of Rome, V-Romask is a reimagining of the iconic oversized eyewear in a futuristic style. Enveloping the face in the form of an elegant mask, it reveals, through its distinctive legacy of couture designs, an unexpected, playful twist on eye style.


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