Exploring Excellence At Silhouette

A select group of leading Indian opticians had the privilege of visiting the renowned Silhouette factory in Austria.

In the charming village of Linz, Austria, stands the renowned Silhouette factory, a symbol of craftsmanship and dedication in the eyewear industry. On July 12th, esteemed Indian opticians, representing the exclusive clientele of Optimed, embarked on an exciting journey to witness the brilliance behind Silhouette’s reputation.

The visit began with an engaging tour of the factory, showcasing the production of high-quality Titanium and SPX materials. The opticians witnessed the intricate process of creating precision SVS RX lenses in awe, impressed by the cutting-edge technology and expertise employed.

Hailing from various parts of India, the opticians were captivated by the picturesque landscape en route to the factory, just 2 hours away from Vienna, the capital city. The trip was exclusive, with select, premium clients invited to this enriching experience, and included ABC Chasmewale, A81 Optic Land, Arora Opticals, Bonton, Bonton Inner Circle, Brother Opticians, Dayal Opticals, Gangar Eyenation, GKB Opticals, Himalaya Opticals, Lawrence & Mayo, Lens And Frames, R Kumar Opticians, Weldon Opticians and others.

The following morning, they were warmly welcomed into the factory, which left a lasting impression with its cleanliness, neatness, and process-driven approach. For many Indian opticians, it was their first time witnessing the meticulousness and emphasis on quality that Silhouette upheld. The awe-inspiring factory machines and skilled workforce made it one of the finest eyewear production facilities globally.

The trip concluded with a memorable dinner at a stunning rooftop restaurant, offering a breathtaking 360-degree view of Vienna. The entire experience organized by Optimed was exemplary, leaving the Indian opticians in awe and appreciation. It not only revealed the excellence of Silhouette’s eyewear but also showcased the warmth and hospitality of Optimed.

Silhouette and Optimed have left an indelible mark on the hearts of Indian opticians, strengthening their partnership and forging lasting relationships.

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