India Vision Institute Hosts Global Vision Science Research Conference 2023

Global Vision Science Research Conference opened on 22nd July 2023

India Vision Institute’s online global conference of vision science researchers from India and overseas opened on 22nd July. This year’s conference focused on strengthening India-UK research in vision science.

The two-day conference ResMeet’23 brought together top eye health researchers, who discussed the way forward for the development of vision science research. The conference sessions included discussions on Physiological Optics, Visual Neuroscience, Public Eye Health, Multidisciplinary Ophthalmic Imaging, Technology and Innovation.

Speakers at the conference included Prof Chris Hull, Assistant Vice President, City University of London, Dr. Premanandhini Satgunan, Scientist, Brien Holden Institute of Optometry and Vision Sciences, LV Prasad Eye Institute, Dr Peter Goadsby, Director, National Institute for Health Research-Wellcome Trust King’s Clinical Research Facility, Prof Rupert Bourne, Anglia Ruskin University, and Dr. Ahalya Subramanian, Associate Professor, School of Health and Psychological Sciences of City, University of London.

IVI’s CEO Vinod Daniel said “The annual Resmeet conference’s major objective is to strengthen Vision Science research in India. This is more important today than ever as we address and strengthen refractive error coverage and provide access to vision correction solutions to millions of additional Indians. With the focus of discussions at ResMeet’23 on India-UK research, collaborative activities between the two countries can expect to be strengthened even further.”

“IVI’s activities and programs go towards strengthening the research capability and human research capacity in India’s vision science sector. Among our several initiatives are Research Methodology Workshops, Excellence in Vision Science Research talks, the Research Rolling Trophy as well as research support grants,” he noted.

“We acknowledge Hoya Lens India for sponsoring ResMeet’23 and the role played by Indian vision science researchers and institutions, including LVPEI and IVI’s Vision Science Research Task Force, for their guidance and organization of the conference,” Mr. Daniel said.

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