What India Wants? Akash Goyle’s Response

Akash Goyle, Country Head and Managing Director, Luxottica India seemed thrilled during Optic India 2020. Here’s what he thought were the best bets for the year ahead

Colours that would rule 2020:
Bold, clear and translucent pastels, classic blue 
Material for 2020:
acetate, metal 
Shapes for 2020:
retro round shapes, tiny frames, oversized frames

“It’s the start of the new decade and eyewear designs and trends are in an ever-evolving stage. This year, customers can expect a lot of futuristic structured frames to retro round shapes, there’s something for everyone with varied designs, colours and materials. In terms of designs, tiny frames, the futuristic aviators and oversized is something we expect to see throughout the year. There is a growing preference for oversized frames with a totally flat top of the frame, this gives off a varied vibe – athleisure yet chic. Bold colours are definitely the go-to ones this season with an inclination towards interesting colour combinations of prints, clear and translucent pastels.

The Pantone colour of the year – ‘a classic blue’ will be a prominent shade to look out for. Material wise, acetate and metal have been actively adopted and will be given preference. The eyewear produced in these materials provides a more statement look that one is able to easily carry on for a day to night look”.

– Akash Goyle

Organisation : Luxottica

Some of the brands distributed : Vogue, Oakley, Ray-Ban…

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